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What does escort mean?

The term comes from English escort (in singular escort; documented since the 16th century), derived in turn from medieval French escort (term still in use), from Italian short. Like so many other words and words in our language, from Latin, specifically from the word "scorgere‚ÄĚ. This word in Latin refers to the "guide" either "companion" of people. In Spanish it is used to refer to a "lady-in-waiting‚ÄĚ.

What is the escort?

An escort or companion is a person who accompanies another person to a social event. Sometimes people are paid to accompany someone privately or participate in an outing, dinner, business trips, birthdays, social gatherings, among others.

In general, businessmen, wealthy or independent professionals tend to request the company service of a argentinian escort. The most searched profile is that of a beautiful woman, but not flashy, much more emphasis is placed on her social skills and cultural level.

The escort women or escort girls, are basically what we could call Scorts paid, that is, girls who earn money in exchange for offering us their company which may or may not involve sexual activity, these girls are differentiated from sex workers or prostitution because, as already mentioned, their work does not necessarily involve sexual intercourseFurthermore, these girls are not found in brothels or on the streets, they are generally escort women they work independently.

The profile of an escort is that of a beautiful, educated woman, with great social skills, possessing a great conversation and a high cultural level.

Escort girls at home

Having one of these attractive escort girls in your favorite place today is very easy. You just have to call and coordinate with her, simple. Actually the only difficult thing is choosing. Although fortunately any day you can call again and try another, and so on until perhaps you find your favorite.

All independent girls de ArgentinaXP have previously gone through a rigorous security filter. So we make sure that all the beautiful women that are advertised here are real, serious and professional. This allows us to guarantee that ArgentinaXP continues to be the best catalog escort CABA.

Also, you should know that ArgentinaXP does not receive any commission or charge you absolutely nothing for any agreement that you may have with any of our escort girls. All the deal is directly with them. This also allows you to reach quite cheap agreements, considering the enormous joy and good treatment that each of them can offer you.

Date an escort girl?

Of course, we remind you that it is ladies-in-waiting, for which the exchange of money refers to this concept, regardless of the fact that if there is chemistry something else could happen, which cannot be ruled out either, but they are things apart from each girl.

For further clarification, we suggest you get in direct contact with them, and thus be able to know them in greater detail and confidence. Or you can visit the Escorts Forum to read experiences and consult with other colleagues.

In the girls' profile you can also check interesting details such as their age and height. In addition to a small description that in the same way will help you assess if it is a girl of your interest. Although, of course, in the professional and exclusive photographs for Argentina XP you will be able to find more details of these beautiful women and VIP escorts.

So now you know, the VIP escorts from ArgentinaXP, it's not just beautiful women. They are the best company ladies you can find in Argentina. Attractive women, always willing to please you and make you spend an unforgettable time. Discreet experiences that will surely leave you wanting to repeat.

What can be the reasons to request escort women?

  • As previously mentioned, these well-educated and intelligent girls are often requested to be the ideal companions of these clients in social events, for this reason, the sexual act is not a mandatory requirement.
  • Are Scorts They can be requested by homosexual men who seek to keep their parents, family or friends in general at the margin regarding their true preferences or tastes as far as relationships are concerned.
  • Another reason is that the client simply needs to pretend to have a beautiful partner or "girlfriend" by his side, which is why many times there are cases in which the client will need to meet with the girl beforehand in order to plan the "lie". ‚ÄĚ from how they met, since when they are together and things like that, rehearsing is important so that everything is very convincing for the environment to which the client needs to ‚Äúshow‚ÄĚ his beautiful escort.
  • The client is not necessarily going to require the services of an escort girl for social events, sometimes the client simply seeks to have a female presence, a private or personal companion so as not to feel alone (with or without previously consensual sexual relations), in cases like these, the agency of these escort women They will always call the most attentive, patient, and intelligent girl with whom the client can talk and stay entertained, ensuring a quality company service.

The service of the vip level escorts it is highly demanded by both men and women; This is because the service that the escort girls They provide satisfaction, enjoyment, relaxation, and even recognition to their customers.

The vip escorts They are not only limited to making you spend hours of pleasure; since they can also accompany you to any place that you previously indicate and can make a good impression thanks to their figure and intelligence.

There are various services that independent escorts can provide; This is why so that you do not miss any detail regarding his job, here we will tell you everything; from some things that you did not know like the differences that exist between the escort, vip escort, and sensual masseuses; or what you should do and avoid when having a meeting with an escort or a masseuse, among many other things of interest; so continue reading.

Services offered by escorts in Argentina

The escort girls They are known all over the world for providing their services in the field of sex. However, some should know that these women often provide more than a time of pleasure in bed; For this reason, it is necessary to know about all the services provided by the independent escorts.

The exchange of money for sex is not a new business, since the first civilizations, it was a common practice. Over time, society has taken it upon itself to consider it illegal, since it has been highly judged and criticized. However, like any business, it has been transformed and adapted to what is currently known as a escort; a paid companion who offers her time and company, but also includes some other benefits that are considered good; both for the escort girlsas well as for clients.

In this sense, below, we will explain about all the services offered by the independent escorts.

Sexual services offered by escorts in Buenos Aires

At this point the vip escort are not vip whores, because they act as sex workers not visible to the general public; Her work is not done from usual brothels, nor does she do street prostitution. Among the services that the escort may or may not provide to her clients include sexual stimulation of sexual organs; with the intention of causing orgasms, through anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse, masturbation, oral sex and use of sex toys, always with protection.

In addition to providing these sexual services, women escort girls they also usually accompany their clients to meetings, dinners, social events, weddings, etc.

Non-sexual services of VIP escorts

Sex work is the most important role played by women vip escort, but not all clients hire their services for sex; some do it for social reasons. It can even be said that some vip escorts They are specialists in fetishism and domination, which do not require intimate sexual contact.

VIP escorts

There are other customers who hire the services of vip escorts just to enjoy the company of a beautiful and attractive woman. In this case, the ideal is to get between the vip escort an educated and attentive woman. It's no wonder you're whores north zone receive large payments from their clients and are even highly recommended.

Events of a social nature attended by independent escorts

Instead of having sex, the client may just need to impress his partners by being together with a beautiful woman with great appeal; pretending that she is his wife or girlfriend. The client must select between the Escorts Capital Federal the one that seeks for this type of service; They can even make an appointment to evaluate your physique, education, level of intelligence, speech, ability to simulate and thus judge your appearance.  

Benefits of hiring escorts Buenos Aires

The escorts of Buenos Aires are the perfect companions

Most people think that the main service of the escort is offering sex. What is certain is that their function is to serve as ladies-in-waiting. Are escort girls they are distinguished by their youth and many of them are studying university degrees or already have a profession.

That is why they become vip escorts perfect for attending parties, business dinners, special events, trips or to share an evening where conversations flow in a pleasant way; Thanks to the fact that they have intelligence, they are educated, funny and with excellent manners.

Sex with escort girls is better

As previously stated, many believe that the only service provided by the argentinian escorts it's just sex. And they have earned this fame, since the people who offer this type of service do not do it just for money; but for their own satisfaction.

That is why the vip whores They are characterized by being experts in the art of sex and seduction; being able to offer a wide list of services, even as sensual masseuses, and other activities such as orgies, anal sex, fetishes, oral sex, among others.

For this reason, it can be said that having sex with mature escorts it is much better and perfect to fulfill fantasies and satisfy all the desires that are obtained with a normal partner; Since the argentinian escorts They just want to have good sex and please their clients, making them enjoy the moment.

There are vip escorts for all tastes and preferences

Be independent escorts It also means satisfaction, freedom and fun, which is why it is easy to find these services for all preferences and tastes. For this reason, the services provided by the vip whores They are very diverse and without taboos.

In this sense, not only escorts north zone they usually provide the service to men; also to gays, transsexuals, lesbian women or liberal couples who are willing to fulfill their fantasies and desires.

The imagination and variation of sex is infinite and there are no limits when it comes to enjoying it. That is why they exist escort that they are willing to satisfy the most hidden and intimate fantasies of their clients; Whether it's hard sex, light, active, passive, shared, fetishist, naked, dressed, with or without toys, with different positions, anything goes when it comes to pleasure.

to date escort girls it is important that you know that even if they are open-minded, they deserve considerate treatment. In this way, it is best not to cross the limits and always respect what has been agreed, and above all respect your time; in addition to avoiding some other things that can ruin the experience with the vip escort. The idea is really to enjoy and live a unique experience with argentinian escorts

An independent escort service, perfect at all times

One of the most requested services for federal capital escorts is known as "girlfriend experience‚ÄĚ; during this service the escort girls they act like a girlfriend both in public and in private. This option of vip escorts It is perfect if you want a much more personal and intimate experience that includes more than just the sexual act.

Are vip escort They will also be willing to vip escorts for the client to attend an event together with a beautiful woman by his side; In addition to receiving other benefits provided by these escort.

If you are usually one of those people who finds it difficult to relate to women; This is also an excellent way to lose fear and put taboos aside. Even the independent escorts they are able to invent a story about how they met, making the service more stimulating and real.

Differences between Escorts and VIP Masseurs

The differences are based on determining between the various erotic techniques offered by the vip masseurs with their sensual massages and the type of massage they usually give to patients.

  • For example, the sensual masseuses They have the ability to do the best massages safely and in a very discreet way; is about vip masseurs who are in charge of creating unique and unrepeatable moments, where they work with all the skin and body of their patients in order to stimulate it; until they reach a moment of ecstasy that they have never experienced.
  • The sensual masseuses they also practice various procedures and techniques, each one with peculiar characteristics that satisfy the tastes of each person. These massages can go beyond the ordinary, so it can be used in many ways.
  • It should be noted that the vip masseurs they usually provide their services in a specific or fixed establishment and for a determined time that is not more than two hours; and the service that these professionals usually offer is purely therapeutic. Unlike the service that can be provided by the independent escorts which includes sex, if you both want it.
  • When we talk about the escort we refer to vip escorts that they do work for pay, which is not necessarily about sex; since you are mature escorts attend events, at the request of clients; be it parties, outings, meetings, trips, dinners, etc. Everything will depend on the client if he wants to include sex or not in the contracting of the west zone escorts.
  • The argentinian escorts They may even offer longer services compared to the sensual masseuses; since their work can extend from hours to days, according to the client's requirements, the west zone escorts They can also move to any location, they do not have a fixed location
  • Another difference between the vip escort and the sensual masseuses It is that the first do include sex among the services they provide.

Advice for those who hire the Capital Federal escort service

Many men believe that because they are paying for a service argentinian escorts they have the right to mistreat these women verbally and physically; But this is not so.

The first piece of advice to consider is that clients comply with certain rules when having contact with independent escorts.

As a second point, for the meeting to be pleasant for both the escorts north zone as for the client, it is to make very clear the objectives that are desired with the service that is paid for; that is to say, it must be initially clarified which are the erogenous zones and the type of stimulation that one wishes to have with the mature escorts.

You must remember that this is a human being who can feel embarrassing moments or some fear of experimenting. It is necessary to maintain a good attitude with the escorts north zone to achieve a good development; since it is good to consider that they are two strangers and that there may be shyness.

Tips for those who hire the VIP masseur service

Sometimes the work roles performed by the women are often confused. sensual masseuses and the independent escorts, but in reality, both trades have nothing to do with each other.

As we already know, the sensual masseuses They usually offer erotic and sensual massage services; where obviously erotic sensations usually arise through massages and there can be orgasms and sexual pleasure, even if it is not the objective.

Among one of the tips is to certainly verify the type of massage that is offered, there are various massage specialties that can be enjoyed. When you request the services of vip masseurs Most likely, you are looking for full relaxation, connection with your body, excitement and eroticism.

Also, you must remember that the vip masseurs They are in charge of offering therapeutic massages that will take your body to total relaxation in a different way.

Mistakes you should avoid making with escorts

  • Avoid haggling the price at independent escorts.
  • At argentinian escorts They don't like that you're late with your payment..
  • Avoid asking indiscreet and rude questions both to vip masseurs like the mature escorts.
  • Don't let it cross your mind to ask for unprotected sex at escorts
  • Avoid crossing the limits with the argentinian escorts
  • It is a common mistake that they are called vip whores at escort, it is not advisable to offend them using that qualifier.

Places where you can hire escorts

The argentinian escorts They are women who have a lot of eroticism and who only want to spend excellent intimate moments; They can even offer services such as vip masseurs and please any fantasy so that you have his pleasant company.

On our website, you can find the most beautiful and sensual escorts buenos aires, west zone escorts and the north zone escorts that will make you live magical moments. In this section you will find the federal capital escorts with different measures, so you can choose the one you like the most. Enjoy an intimate and unforgettable moment with the best argentinian escorts that make any sexual fantasy come true, in different scenarios.

In addition, we recommend that you visit EscortsXP to read recommendations.

Legality of the trade

The services of mature escorts they differ from other forms of prostitution where sexual intercourse is explicitly not included in the service. But there are cases where sexual services can be provided to the client. These women may work independently or for an agency.

In this sense, in most countries this trade is completely legal, but sometimes aspects or penalties may arise that can range from administrative offenses to fines of criminal prosecution. In short, the practice of this trade is not illegal, but pimping is.

Frequent questions

What is an Escort?

An escort is a person who offers accompaniment services, in exchange for an economic cost. These can be travel companions, meetings or parties; Also, it may or may not include a sexual experience for those who wish to consume the service, it all depends on the negotiation terms reached.

What is the escort service?

The escort service consists of offering accompaniment to a person in exchange for a sum of money equivalent to the time that you want to consume the service. The business men they usually choose these services as a distracting strategy to close an important deal; Therefore, it must be taken into account that an escort is not necessarily hired to have relations with her, she can be used as an ally to carry out your business objectives.
On the other hand, most escorts offer their services as sexual companions; in fact, they are better known for this service than for escorting events, dinners or business trips. So it's not unusual to find scantily clad women on the web who are willing to fulfill your sexual fantasies and make you have the best time in bed.

What is an escort job?

An escort job is to accompany people to various events; these can be dinners, or business trips, in exchange for money. In the same way, the girls who offer this service offer their clients the experience of sharing their bed with them and spending a wonderful evening.
Have fun with an escort it is one of the best experiences that can be had in life; You should not miss the opportunity to contact a pleasure professional and get out of the routine for a while.

How much does one night go out with an escort?

It all depends on what you are looking for. The argentinian escorts of ArgentinaXP are divided between Escorts Diamond, Escorts Platinum, Escorts Gold and Silver Masseurs; where your costs can range from USD 40 to USD 200 per hour, even a little more if special services are required or specific treatments are desired.

How much does a day go out with an escort?

It depends on the escort. Hogging an escort's time for a whole day can be an extremely pleasurable experience, but independent escorts handle their costs individually; however, to get an idea, multiply it by the number of hours you want to spend with this expert in professional dating for the average cost of their hours.

How to start sexually with an escort?

The first thing is to contact an escort, this must be one of your tastes and preferences; so that you can feel comfortable and confident with their appearance. Next, you should contact the escort girl and ask the necessary questions regarding the doubts you have, if you are satisfied with the answers given, make an appointment; either in your apartment, in his apartment or in a hotel.
On the site, the recommendation is to have an excellent sexual hygiene and treat the escort with respect and follow her instructions at all times; In this way, you can have a rewarding experience.

How to go with an escort in your apartment?

In case the appointment with an escort Whether in her apartment, you must comply at all times with the protocols indicated by her to arrive. It is common for girls to attend to those who contact them in a place where they feel comfortable; so it is common for this site to be in a place they know or their own department.
The recommendation is that you pay attention to the indications that are given and follow them strictly, in this way everything will flow in the best way.

How to start a chat with an escort?

Once you know which escort you want to accompany you, you must write to her on WhatsApp to make an appointment. The pages like ArgentinaXP They facilitate the first approach, but the rest is up to you. Ideally, you should stay within the margin of respect and treat her like another friend, asking her for details of the services she offers and her availability to meet with you.

What things to take into account when debuting with an escort?

If you have never been with a woman and you want your first time to be with a professional, the first thing you should do is read the following article from our blog, regarding the tips for first timers. The second thing you must do is make it clear to the escort that you are debuting; In this way, she will provide you with adequate guidance to continue with the appointment without setbacks.

How to have a threesome with an escort?

If looking to hire one VIP escort, first you should know that there are girls who offer this service and there are those who do not; so you should consult with the escort with whom you want to make the appointment, regarding what you want to do. Subsequently, you must be clear about who will be the third person in the room; your partner, a friend or another escort. To bring about threesome sex, it is necessary that all those involved know their role within the practice, establish limits and respect each other.

How to carry out a fantasy with my wife and a masseuse with xxx escort?

If you want to enjoy the company of couple escorts; both the person with whom you share a sentimental relationship, and you, should be aware that this practice is clearly an exchange of pleasure with a third person; where feelings should not be involved.
Subsequently, the escort with whom you intend to have sexual relations must be informed that the third person in the room shares a sentimental bond with you; This will allow the companion to focus her services in a special way, so that she does not cause inconveniences between you.

How to overcome the shyness of going with an escort?

When you are shy you also tend to be nervous, which makes you have a premature ejaculation, or in the worst case; not being able to get an erection To prevent these things from happening to you, we recommend that you tell the escort about your shyness, in this way she will be understanding about it and encourage you to establish trust with her. In the same way, you must be yourself at all times; An Argentine escort will listen to you carefully when you talk to her and will guide you during the date so that you feel comfortable.

How to contact an escort agency?

Through the internet you can find various escort agencies from anywhere in the world. However, we recommend that you contact VIP escorts that they are independent; that is, they are not subject to contracting through an agency.
Contacting an agency escort can be as satisfying as contacting an independent escort; However, dealing directly with an escort brings many more benefits, since you are dealing directly with the service provider and not with a third party, which will avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences.

What are the keys to being with an escort?

One of the main keys to be with an escort is to be yourself; This will allow you to spend a pleasant evening, in the company of the escort of your choice. Like any other business, the key is in communication; You must constantly communicate the things that you want, that you are looking for or that you prefer to avoid.
Perhaps the most important thing for the meetings with escorts it is to be sure of what you want; since, by being indecisive, you will lose the opportunity to spend a pleasant time with a spectacular woman.

What to do when you are fucking an escort?

As a main rule, you must be a gentleman, you must not treat her badly, neither physically nor verbally; You must be respectful and you must never transgress previously agreed agreements. Sex should be an act in which both people enjoy what is being done. Ultimately, you have to make sure that the escort is comfortable with you.
It is very important that you make requests that do not violate the dignity of your companion. Despite being open-minded, there are practices that an escort does not perform.

What to do when you are fucking a porn escort?

when you have sex with a pornstar or with an escort, the most pleasant thing is that you are a respectful person with her. It doesn't matter how many things you've seen her do on screen, an actress plays her role because that's her livelihood, it's her job. The same happens with those who provide an accompaniment service, they must do a job and you must be respectful of it.
Sex with an escort who is a porn actress is one of the things that few people can boast of; however, make sure that both you and her have a good time.

How to talk to a female escort?

You must address an escort in the same way that you would address a friend or a girlfriend; honestly and accurately. Forget about the escort myths, it should not be forgotten at any time that they are professional girls and they are fully aware that what you are looking for is a pleasant time of fun; that you want to spend an evening of incomparable sex. So it is best to go straight to the point and ask the questions you consider appropriate to avoid misunderstandings; You can even flirt a little, she'll play along.

How to deal with an escort?

Most of the escorts will tell you what you should do and how you should do it; so you must not have any type social skills extraordinary to deal with these beauties.
What you should keep in mind at all times is the importance of hygiene and punctuality, in this profession, both are of vital importance; Therefore, if you want to have a girl who is happy to receive you and not a grumpy one, you must comply with these two things.

How to book a service with an escort?

First, you must go to the profile of the girl with whom you want to see yourself; there you can view the escort reviews that other customers have left. Later, you can contact her through her phone number.
The conversation can flow in 2 ways; You indicate what you want and ask specific questions regarding the service, or she asks you what you want and lets you know all the services she offers; the difference between the two is who leads the rhythm of the conversation. We recommend that you be the one who is confident and takes the reins of the conversation; always keeping in mind that you are the one who is most interested in consuming the services of the escort.
Finally, arrange the time and place where they are going to see each other; Arrive ahead of time if it's in a hotel, on time if it's in her apartment, or pay attention if she has to go to yours. It is important that you maintain good body hygiene and pay what has been agreed without haggling.

How to be an escort?

If you want to enter the world of escorts you have 2 options; The first is usually the easiest: contact an escort agency so that they sell your services. The second is to look for a web page where you can offer your services as an independent escort, establishing an hourly rate.
The important thing about this type of trade is that it must be seen as a business; if you wish triple income you must advise yourself, study the business and learn from the mistakes that other people have made.

Where do I spend a night with an escort?

The best option to spend the night with an escort is in a hotel. There are excellent hotels in federal capital, each and every one of them, perfect for carrying out a spectacular night with a escort CABA. We can recommend various hotels depending on the area you want to spend the night:
·         Hotels in Buenos Aires
·         Hotels in Belgrano
·         Hotels in Recoleta
·         Hotels in Puerto Madero
·         Hotels in Canitas
·         Hotels in Palermo
·         Hotels in Congress
·         Hotels in Nunez
·         Hotels in Northern Quarter
·         Hotels in Caballito
·         Hotels in West Zone

Is it good to pay an escort with a card?

No, it is not a good idea to pay an escort with a card. Most of the escorts prefer that the payment for their services be made in cash, at the time of meeting her and preferably before passing time with an escort.
Of course, every rule has its exceptions, they will make escorts that will accept payments with cards, Mercadopago, transfers or in any other way, but the means of payment must be established directly with her.

Is it discreet to talk to an escort on WhatsApp?

As discreet as you see fit. If they are not busy, the escorts will answer you almost immediately; so you must take this into account when writing to someone for WhatsApp or to have a video call.
We recommend that, when you decide to write, you must be clear about what you are going to say to the girl; Similarly, you should review the photos of the escort to make sure that is who you want to talk to. And most importantly, have the availability to start a conversation at the moment; that is, not be at work or with people to whom you cannot confidently tell what you are doing.

Is it advisable to have sex with an escort?

The answer to this question will always be the same: Yes.
have sex with a young escort it's what many grown men want; and have sex with one mature escort It is a desire that young people want to fulfill. Agree a meeting with a beautiful woman, who satisfies your deepest desires with professionalism; It's a fantasy come true.
A sexual encounter with an escort can be the solution to different problems; since, unlike a woman who is not dedicated to this profession, in sex, the escorts are very understanding and accommodating; allowing, in this way, that whoever shares his bed feels like the luckiest being in the world.

Are there escorts for women?

Of course yes, the escorts do not only provide their services for men; there are also those who offer their services to women. The bisexuality It is something common in the trade of luxury escorts; Any woman who wants to hire the services of an escort can do it in the same way that the rest of the clients do.
Now, if what you want is to hire a male escort to satisfy your needs as a woman; We recommend that you search a little more through Google.

Are the escorts prostitutes?

No, despite working in the sexual field, there is an abysmal difference between a Prostitute and an Escort. The first of these differences is that the escorts do not work on the street, in full view of the whole world, waiting for anyone to pass by and ride them in their car; the escorts work by booking appointments, they can reject clients and offer a discreet service.
Among other differences, there is how much do the escorts charge How much does a prostitute charge? Excluding sex, the escorts offer a sophisticated escort service to social events, trips or business meetings; They are prepared and very intelligent girls. This service has a higher cost than that offered by a prostitute, who only has in mind to offer her sexual services as many times as possible.
Thinking that an escort is a prostitute is a mistake that the ignorant often fall into, so avoid thinking this way; Furthermore, avoid treating an escort like a prostitute.

How many escort pages are there?

There are many pages to contact escorts; however the best is ArgentinaXP.
It is not to exaggerate, but all the pages that allow you to hire escorts are designed in the same way; They are boring and do not allow you to see good content, that is precisely why ArgentinaXP is the best.
ArgentinaXP shows the profile of each escort with high quality images and videos; Similarly, it provides you with a description of the services offered by each girl, her phone number and references from users who have previously hired the escort.
The interface is designed so that the user experience is unique, friendly and pleasant; It is for these reasons that ArgentinaXP is the best page to contact escorts.

What to do if my partner is an escort?

If your sentimental partner is an escort, you should be aware that she does not mix work with feelings. Escorts are people who use their body and appearance to earn moneyThey see this trade as a business, one more job; Therefore, to be an escort's partner, you must be clear that this is your profession.

Maybe an escort has friendship with clients, and for some people this is uncomfortable at first, but if it is clear that an escort separates her working relationship with her romantic relationship, everything can flow in the best way.

How many people can presume that an escort is their girlfriend? Let's face it, not many. Girls who practice this trade as a profession also want to be loved, and it is best to be open-minded to her affective needs in order to have a healthy relationship with her.

If you are in a relationship with an escort, it is important to keep in mind that her work is an important part of her life and she may face unique challenges. Honesty and trust are essential in any relationship, and this is no different in the case of a relationship with an escort.

You have to be respectful with their decisions and respect their work, without allowing this to affect the relationship. Also, it is valuable to talk about boundaries and expectations in the relationship. Love and respect for each other are the most important thing, so if both parties are willing to work together, it is possible to have a healthy and happy relationship.

What to do the first time with an escort?

Being with one for the first time VIP escort it is an extremely satisfying experience; If you have not had the opportunity to hire the service of one of these girls and you want to do it for the first time, we indicate what you should do:
· Firstly, you must have perfect hygiene; a bad body odor can ruin everything.
· You must be respectful when speaking and dealing with the escort, remember that she offers her services trusting a complete stranger, treating her well will allow her to trust you.
· Leave the cash payment in a place where it is visible; where she can see him without much effort. Do not hand it to them directly or try to haggle the stipulated price.
· Be courteous, invite her out for a drink and talk to her a bit about general topics; avoid personal issues. This will ease the tension of the first meeting and break the ice.
· Before, during and after having sex, try not to make derogatory comments. Although you can practice bdsm either hard sex; You don't have to be offensive to have a good time.
Lastly, leave a recommendation on your escort profile, this will allow you to know first hand how you felt with their service and get more clients.

What is full service with an escort?

The complete service can be defined as the execution of sexual practices without restrictions; that is to say, that the escort provides services of anal sex, oral sex, deep Throat, threesome sex, Attention to couples, bondage, international services, erotic fantasies, erotic massages, fetishism, some perform squirt and others not.
It is important to ask the escort what are the practices that comprise her service; in such a way that misunderstandings due to a misplaced request can be avoided.

What to do if my condom broke with an escort?

First of all, you should keep in mind that this is very common during any sexual practice. The next thing to keep in mind is that most of the escorts are extremely healthy people; By depending on their bodies to generate income, they are the main stakeholders in staying healthy, which is why they are constantly having medical check-ups to rule out sexually transmitted diseases.
Leaving these 2 things clear, what should be done in the event that the condom breaks during your appointment with an escort is:
1. Remove the damaged condom from the penis and throw it away.
2. Carefully open a new condom and place it on the penis.

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