Erotic fantasies for women – The most common fantasies with escorts Posted on 10/14/2021 By Carlos

Erotic fantasies for women – The most common fantasies with escorts,

The erotic fantasies for women they are completely normal; in fact they begin to be recreated from an early age, when women begin to explore their sexuality and begin to imagine things that excite them. Since the nature of the body is indomitable and pleasure is a sensation that accompanies us since we are born; Women tend to be very creative and detailed in terms of fantasies.

You may think that men have more fantasies than women, but in fact this is not entirely true. The only difference is that; Among boys, there is less modesty when it comes to expressing their most ardent fantasies, those that just thinking about them gives them an erection. Instead the sexual fantasies of women they tend to hide more, due to the cultural and religious taboo above all; that prevents women from being open on those topics.

The sexual fantasies in people in general, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, they are nothing more than desires recreated in the mind and that generate excitement; because they do not have physical or ethical impediments or moral consequences on the person who has it. In short, a fantasy is an escape from reality; in which, people enjoy in their mind anything without fear of being repressed.

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7 most common erotic fantasies for women – The power of imagination

The vip escort par excellence they are more detailed in real life and this story is constantly repeated in their minds; Well, they have the ability to concoct a complete story that leads them to orgasm just thinking about it. able to have sexual fantasies worthy of being portrayed in a Hollywood movie; for the number of elements, scenarios and scripts that it entails; women have more elaborate fantasies than men.

It is that the sexual fantasies of women are characterized by being special; so we will leave you a small list with the most recurrent, which usually express having:

Have a threesome with two boys or two girls – Get excited being the protagonist

A threesome is the quintessential gentleman's erotic fantasy, but this is questionable; because both they and they dream of being able to participate in a sexual encounter of three people. Even so; the women in their heads better plan what that opportunity would be like. Firstly they would be the center of attention and secondly they could get involved without including their partners.

Swap partners – Sharing is more

Partner exchange falls within the sexual fantasies of women, as something that they would like to try once in their life, especially if the exchange happens, with a couple of acquaintances, with whom they have been fantasizing for a long time. in these erotic fantasies for women, they want to try the partner, generally a friend, in a consensual way.

Sex in a public place – The fear of what is forbidden catches on

another of the sexual fantasies recurring in both genres, the one that involves public places that provide a dose of adrenaline; due to the consequences that they could have if they were discovered. The forbidden is tempting, especially illegal acts; so the place where it is done is the main attraction and catalyst of this fantasy in women.

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sex with an acquaintance

The escorts CABA they tend to be quite creative and know how to hide; or rather, better manage the emotions that cause her, the fact of feeling attracted to someone in her close circle. Therefore, more than one woman will have spasms and want to sexually devour a friend, superior figure, co-worker, etc. The true force of this fantasy is focused, that in general, the person is forbidden for it.

Voyeurism: to be observed or to observe

In the same order of ideas, these erotic fantasies for women consist of having sexual relations while a third party or someone outside the act observes. It is a kind of exhibitionism that warms up the argentinian escorts; knowing that your wildest passions are being appreciated by someone else.

On the other hand, if she were to play the role of being the one who observes, this action becomes morbid and powerful; It's like witnessing real-time pornography, where they are the cameramen and even the directors of the act. Voyeurism is a highly arousing fetish and women know the pleasure that comes with masturbating while watching other people having sex.

Orgies – Fun among many

One of the erotic fantasies for women What else seems impossible, due to the number of people involved. The escorts Buenos Aires, although it seems strange; they also yearn to participate in an encounter where low passions and primitive instincts run wild. Orgies are usually organized by people who are open-minded to all possibilities.

Orgies today are usually done by people who belong to swingers clubs, people in open or poly loving relationships; Ideally, if a woman wants to participate, she starts meeting people and gets involved. The other fundamental thing is that you have a good physical condition, to be able to keep up with such a spicy occasion.

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In the dominant role, women want to command and enforce their wishes with someone who is under the submissive scheme. Girls like to be in control and be able to play tricks on the other person, within established safety limits.

In the submissive role you will be totally under the instructions of the other person; he will have to submit to receive and obey orders from someone who treats him as his property, as if he were a sexual slave.


The escorts also have erotic fantasies for women and they have a greater possibility of carrying them out, both inside and outside their profession; since his mentality is more open to please his impulses.

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