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Lu ZN Villa Ballester 150 USD

Lu ZN (25)

Escorts from Villa Ballester

What is the service that the escorts of Villa Ballester are asked for the most?

Our clients are very varied, with different tastes and requests between them.

We generally make it clear to our clients what services we offer and what we believe we can provide.

However, the offers that we escorts always receive are related to anal sex, oral sex and threesomes.

These could be the 3 services that are most requested, but they are not the only ones that our clients want.

How can I find out about all the services of a Villa Ballester VIP escort?

Villa Ballester escorts love to please our clients and make them feel comfortable with us from the first moment.

For your convenience and ours, most of us specify our services in our profiles. We can also resolve doubts or concerns through our WhatsApp.

It is recommended that, before writing to us and asking us about our services, you are sure that you want to make an appointment with us. It is tedious to have to solve doubts and not make an appointment.

Is the treatment of the Villa Ballester escorts personalized?

Definitely yes.

From the first moment, communication is directly with us, without intermediaries. This allows us to personalize our meeting with the client from the first moment.

Although the rules of the service are imposed by us, our clients are the ones who decide the type of service they will receive and the type of behavior they need from us.

Making the service personalized from the beginning to the end.

How much is the minimum time that I can hire an escort from Villa Ballester?

Normally, our clients want to extend their time with us, but most of the time, we don't have the availability. This is why the estimated time of the appointment must be indicated from the first contact.

The minimum time with which we usually reserve an appointment to serve our clients is one (1) hour. This may vary depending on the escort that is going to provide the service, some girls have the possibility of extending this time a little more, but it is not common.

Do the Villa Ballester escorts go to parties in their spare time?

Outside of our escort work, each one of us leads her life like any other person.

This implies studying, having meetings with our friends, caring for our partners and children.

Going out to parties is part of the personal decisions of each one of us and what we decide to do during our free time (in the event that we decide to take some time off during the month).

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