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Parque Patricios Escorts

Do Parque Patricios escorts serve couples?

Of course! 

Most of the Parque Patricios escorts love to accompany them to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

However, not all escorts offer this service. That is why, before making the appointment, it is necessary that you specify that the service will be for a couple.

Once we have the time and date of our meeting, we recommend that we meet in a public place to agree on the limits and terms of service. Once we all agree, we can head to the hotel to enjoy.

Can I go on a trip with a VIP escort from Parque Patricios?

Of course! 

Parque Patricios escorts love to travel and a large part of our work is to accompany our clients to events and business or pleasure trips.

But you must inform us of this trip in advance so that we can organize our schedule. In addition, you must pay our fee and take care of our lodging, food, transportation and others.

Can I invite two whores from Parque Patricios to the same event?

Of course.

The only condition for you to be able to do this is that both escorts agree to carry out the appointment and that you can pay the rate for both girls.

We do not like surprises, we prefer that you consult both of us before meeting. Maybe we can agree to dress the same or in a specific way.

How should a Parque Patricios escort dress?

Something that characterizes Parque Patricios escorts is our good taste and elegance.

It will be very difficult for you to get any of us dressed in a vulgar way or out of context for the place where we are present.

A mark of our profession is to dress elegantly to steal the looks of those around us and make our date look phenomenal.

What types of payment do Parque Patricios escorts accept?

The way to cancel our services will depend entirely on the escorts with whom you are making the appointment.

Some of us only accept cash, other girls prefer to split the payment between transfers and cash. 

More recently, there are many Parque Patricios escorts who accept payments through digital wallets such as Binance or PayPal, this is more oriented towards trusted clients.

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