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Who I am?

Welcome to my profile, I'm Mabby, I'll tell you about myself:

🌺I am an elegant, discreet, cultured woman, with whom you can spend magical moments.
🌺On our date, my priority will be to connect with you, I am addicted to kisses and caresses.
🌺Long appointments are my preference, as it allows us to get to know each other and enjoy each other more fully.
🌺If you are looking for something different, you are in the right place ♥️💋


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Experiences (22)


8 months ago

a hurricane of pleasure and vice for your senses…I will return


8 months ago

Hello, I went to see this beauty yesterday, she is a beautiful girl younger than her age suggests, super clean, very hot, much prettier than in the photos. We were playing like boyfriends, I ended up eating my mouth with kisses. We ended up in bed, very sensual, her skin is crazy, we ended up having the best sex. I hadn't had it for a long time. Without a doubt I would repeat it a thousand times. and the underwear is wonderful….


7 months ago

Impressive, sweet and delicate and a Perfect body.


7 months ago

WOMAN with capital letters that is Mabby!!! tender but sensual, sweet but explosive, soft also fire!!! An incredible body and an intelligence and warmth that catches you!!! Without a doubt, a woman you can fall in love with. You can't miss her!!!


7 months ago

This lady is excellent. Her attitude is beautiful and she has a dream body. Thanks Mabby.


6 months ago

Beautiful, educated and cultured


6 months ago

Mabby Thank you for a wonderful evening!


6 months ago

Perfect, she is unique... a perfect woman


6 months ago

This woman is indescribable ♥️🔥


5 months ago

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL by far the BEST so far


5 months ago

I am from NYC and some friend talk to me about this girl!!!! AMAZING!!!! my friends please trviva argentinay for me was the best I am living today


5 months ago

NYC This girl is unbelivle so educated, so kind so smart, We where to a lovely restaurant and at the end we where at her lovely apartment. When ever I came to BA will SUREcall


4 months ago

You can't believe how beautiful she is, the vibe she has, I don't usually take this kind of services because of how monotonous and cold they can be and this lady made me feel like I was her lover at all times, I enjoyed every second


3 months ago

Beautiful and sensual. This woman is a truck!!! I come back


2 months ago

Linda Mina… in every way you can ask yourself
I always wanted to have someone like that... It made me want to take her home
Worthy representative and adopted daughter of the province that has given this country the most beautiful women
We also took the time to learn something about his life story that demonstrates a lot of his worth.


1 month ago

Man, in 4 the best image you can take


1 month ago

I never thought I would get so hot with Spider Woman, what a beast she is.


1 month ago

Tremendous bitch


1 month ago

Yesterday I made a long date with a beautiful, friendly, cultured and intelligent woman, who gave me an unforgettable moment in every sense, and what happened in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas…. I leave them to your imagination. !!! Thank you very much Mabby! We will surely see each other again. ! 😜


two weeks ago

Since she comes down smiling with a face somewhere between mischievous and angel, that explosive mixture that blows your mind in bed, as a colleague said, I want to take her home. Your head explodes, you can't believe the attitude he has and well... the body...


two weeks ago

Beautiful Mabby, a very well-worked body and dream curves!! I already want to go back to a long meeting. ! 😘


4 days ago

Beautiful with a great back and she is a sweetheart. I had an incredible time!

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