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Melania Initial 40 USD

Melania (20)

Emmita Initial 40 USD

emmita (25)

Loreley Initial 40 USD

Lorelei (25)

Francesca Initial 40 USD

Francesca (20)

Pily Initial 40 USD

Pily (36)

Meggan Initial 40 USD

Megan (44)

Agostina Initial 40 USD

Augustine (24)

Florci Caba Initial 40 USD

Florci Caba (34)

Pillar Initial 40 USD

Pillar (43)

Aysha Initial 40 USD

Aysha (35)

Sabrina Initial 40 USD

Sabrina (30)

Alexa Initial 40 USD

alexa (22)

Initial Masseuse

How should I prepare to have a first date with an Initial masseuse?

The main thing is that you put worries aside and relax, remember that you have made an appointment with us to enjoy.

The massage service that we offer to our clients allows them to release tensions and feel more confident with us.

Although each one of us informs our clients about the rules they must follow when making an appointment, there is a general rule and that is that they must arrive very well cleaned.

Can I fulfill fantasies with an Initial masseuse?


However, the girls who offer this type of service are different from the rest because we offer an erotic massage service. This, in some cases, includes some fantasies for our clients.

We take care that, during the appointment with our client, trust and a calm atmosphere reign. Therefore, some fantasies such as threesomes may not be included in the services that some of us offer.

Can an Initial masseuse come to my home?


Most of us have their own space and prepared to serve our customers. However, some of us will agree to go to our client's home, as long as it is not the client's first appointment.

We can make exceptions for long-time clients or those we have a lot of trust in.

How can I hire an Initial masseuse?

Accessing our profiles in ArgentinaXP and clicking on the button that will take you to our conversation via WhatsApp.

Many of us request that appointments be made a few days in advance, so that we can schedule our weeks and have a space on our agenda.

Keep in mind that each of us has different methods; so you should request this information from the girl of your choice.

Can I have an appointment with an Initial masseuse outside her work space?

Generally not.

Each one of us has its own rules, you should know that we take this job for what it is and we always seek to be very professional with our clients. This implies not mixing our feelings with work.

In addition to this and unlike the escort girls, we do not offer escort services.

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