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Escorts from Rio Negro

Do the escorts of Río Negro have real orgasms?

Yes of course!

Like any other woman, there are times when we have real orgasms and other times when we don't. This may depend on different factors; for example, the chemistry we have with our date, our mood and of course! How good our client is in bed.

However, we always keep in mind that the main thing is to satisfy our client and make them feel comfortable with us, so not having an orgasm from time to time is not bad.

What is to make a French and a Greek?

A "French" is one of the many ways to call oral sex, and it is due to the fame that prostitutes had in French brothels in the 20th century.

For its part, a “Greek” does not refer to those people who were born in Greece; but to the practice of anal sex: between boys, bisexual or heterosexual couples.

It is said that it began to be called this way in brothels in different parts of the world to refer to this practice without sounding vulgar. And the name "Greek" is due to the fact that, in ancient Greece, homosexuality and its sexual practices were well regarded.

What is a Río Negro VIP escort?

It is necessary to make a distinction: escorts do not only offer sexual services!

Although the vast majority of our dates end in having sex with our clients, only if we want and they request it, because this is one of the advantages of dating us, escort work can offer different non-sexual services!

We are luxury companions, so we can keep clients company who want to have them at social events, executives, simple appointments, dinners, to go for a walk or go on a trip.

Where to get VIP escorts in Río Negro?

A large part of the whores in Río Negro are independent.

You can know our rates, services and contact us anywhere on the internet, but we recommend ArgentinaXP

Here you just have to click on our profile picture and go to the WhatsApp button to contact us directly and receive personalized attention.

What are the best dates to book with an escort?


As in business, there are dates that are better than others, but without a doubt, we can receive clients throughout the year!

Everything will depend on our availability: if we are not busy, traveling, in other appointments... 

Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter; any date is ideal to make an appointment with an escort from Río Negro, we are always willing to live new experiences!

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