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What do the escorts of Villa Santa Rita do if a client does not accept their rules?

The escorts of Villa Santa Rica set rules that our clients must comply with so that we can feel completely comfortable throughout the appointment.

For us, these standards are extremely valuable, which is why we need our clients to carry them out.

If this is not the case, or if you object to any of them, you must indicate the reason. However, if we disagree or fail to comply with the vast majority of them, we can refuse to carry out the service.

How does a whore from Villa Santa Rita take care of her sexual health?

Villa Santa Rita escorts care a lot about our sexual health, that is why we do not have sexual contact with any of our clients without the use of condoms. This rule is immovable for any type of client.

In addition, we usually visit the doctor for checkups every 6 or 3 months, in this way we make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

In case there is some kind of "abnormality", we comply with the indicated treatments and we usually avoid sexual contact until everything is in order again.

What do I do if I fall in love with a VIP escort from Villa Santa Rita?

This is something that none of the escorts at Villa Santa Rita are going to advise any client.

Although we understand that, due to our treatment and attention, this can cause some people to fall in love with us (especially the youngest), our advice is to stay away from the escort and request her services from another. 

This is because, hardly, any of us can correspond to your feelings. We are going to feel very flattered, but for us, this is nothing more than a job and we do not involve feelings in it.

What should I do if I want to extend my time with a Villa Santa Rita escort?

This depends on the availability and rules of each Villa Santa Rita escort you meet.

It is normal that you feel that during an appointment with us time goes by extremely quickly and you want to extend it. However, the escorts at Villa Santa Rita take each client's time very seriously and we can only extend the time of our appointment with you if our schedule does not allow it and if you can pay for the extra time.

If we have an appointment after yours, it is almost impossible for us to extend our time. We will let you know this in a subtle and polite way.

Can I hire Villa Santa Rita escorts with my wife?

Of course! 

The escorts at Villa Santa Rita love to provide our services to couples, especially those who want to experience new emotions and sexual experiences. It is important that you bear in mind that there is a very important condition for this: All the people involved in the appointment must be fully aware of the number of people who are going to participate.

That is, you must tell us that the service is for a couple and your partner must tell him that you want to hire our services. Do not let this be a tasteless surprise for either party and the appointment is cancelled.

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