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Can appointments to events end in sex with Moreno's escorts?


We prefer to have all the details of the appointment in advance, which includes what the appointment time will be and what we must do after the event to give the service as concluded.

It is very likely that any Moreno escort will accept a sexual date with the client after a social date. However, it is something that we would like to be clear about before seeing each other; so we don't schedule another appointment after that one.

If it is unexpected, the customer must be willing to pay the service fee.

Can I take pictures with a whore from Moreno?

No, and neither do videos!

Almost none of the Moreno escorts allow photographs with our clients. This is for our security and privacy, and that of our client.

If you come to ask us, we will answer you in the same negative way and in the most polite way possible. However, we prefer that you do not.

Do Moreno's VIP escorts make sexual video calls?

Not all.

Having phone sex or making video calls are services that not all of us who practice this profession offer to our clients.

This is due to the fact that a certain amount of time must be invested in the personalized treatment of each client, which does not allow us to invest as much time as necessary in face-to-face appointments that are more lucrative.

However, you can get in touch with girls who only offer these services. Get them at ArgentinaXP and click on the WhatsApp button on your profile.

Can my girlfriend and I hire an escort from Moreno?


We love being part of the sexual adventures of our clients and their partners. Accompanying them to fulfill their fantasies is something that fascinates us!

If you and your girlfriend want to fulfill the fantasy of having a threesome and your resolution is to have an escort as the third person in bed, do not hesitate to contact us!

We enjoy this as much as you will!

What is the shortest amount of time that I can hire a Moreno escort?

The minimum amount of time in which you can hire the services of a Moreno escort is 60 min, that is, 1 hour.

Although the amount of time you can be with us is infinite (as long as you have the money to pay for it), it is up to each escort to establish the maximum number of hours that can be allowed to be with a client.

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