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💎-Hi, I'm Juliet! A carialegre girl, 😊 fine, seductive and very fiery. 🍒🍬💫 From the first meeting I generate comfort and confidence.. 🥰 you will feel comfortable and very comfortable, since I am not a mechanic.. I enjoy my work with a lot of passion! I value quality over quantity and have a special appreciation for those who do the same. ☺️

💎-The important thing you should know about me: In public I am very discreet, I measure 1.60, 49 kg, I have white teas, brown eyes; natural hair, body and face. My body is cared for, apart from good genetics; it is very soft, harmonious and proportional. It will drive you crazy.❤️‍🔥

💎- I am super independent, with a very comfortable, safe and discreet place, do not hesitate to ask what you want.😉 To reserve I ask for a selfie photo.

I await your message🥰 Greetings, tenderly Julieta!


Hi, I'm Juliet! A pretty faced girl, elegant, seductive and hot! From our very first meeting I'll generate confidence and trust. You'll feel comfortable and safe. I'm not mechanical and don't just go through the moves, I enjoy my job with passion and enthusiasm!

I value quality over quantity and have special appreciation for gentlemen who do the same. Important things you should know about me: I'm very discreet in public, 1.60 m in height, weigh 49 kg, have white skin, silky black hair and all natural face and body. Blessed with good genetics, I care for my body and am in great shape. My body is soft, well proportioned and beautiful. It will drive you crazy! I'm super independent. I have a very safe, discreet and comfortable apartment. Please don't hesitate to ask whatever you want. For bookings I require a selfie.

Waiting for your message, tender regards Julieta.


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Juliet VIP

He is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (13)


2 years ago

Honestly, there is a before and after having an encounter with Julieta! She combines a very good treatment with both intellectual and physical beauty, there is no return, she is another level of woman!

foreigner 30

1 year ago

Simply beautiful, your attention is impeccable and it is precious


11 months ago

The perfect bride.


10 months ago

Its aroma, beauty and elegance fall in love!!!


9 months ago

If you like to invest, your place is here
This mine should be charging between 300 and 500 dls
Take advantage, it's a total delight
Fine Linda dresses like a model, really an ideal girlfriend


8 months ago

A total genius and divine. From the first moment, she welcomed me super looking and beautiful. It has a great vibe and beautiful energy. and in bed it is a 10. I always felt super comfortable and everything flowed very well.


8 months ago

Precious, she was born for this. Very pretty and the best thing is seeing her face when she enjoys what she does to you, it turns you on so much that it makes you want more and more


7 months ago

Juli is beautiful. To start with the modern and bright apartment. She is a God. She receives you dressed very elegantly and perfumed. His face is very sensual, he has very fine features. With a natural, balanced body, it is perfect. He has very soft skin. His kisses are delicious and his energy is incredible. And to close, she is very cool and friendly, she likes to talk. It makes you feel comfortable at all times.


6 months ago

Divine in every aspect, an excellent moment, a Bo.bon to enjoy.


6 months ago

Spectacular vibe, super natural treatment, the place is impeccable and a divine natural body, as well as good vibes 🙂


5 months ago

Divine and very professional – you have to let yourself be carried away by her, she is worth every minute and her beauty is on another level. The place is also 5 stars.


two weeks ago

I fell in love. Her soft skin, her curves, her little face, this woman is beautiful and very cool! I had a great time, to repeat!


5 days ago

By far one of the prettiest girls on the page. Dream body, all natural, and a beautiful face. But the best thing is the treatment, it strives to provide a first-class service and it more than achieves it. I feel grateful to have met her. I see another girl who charges double and I don't understand. She really is divine and an excellent person. I can't say more.

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