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If you are in Argentina, hire escort or VIP companion! An excellent alternative for singles who want to go out and enjoy the moment; without having to limit yourself to looking for a partner or flirting with women, who in the end will not be interested.

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If you are looking for a short-term fling, you may feel uncomfortable dating someone who is going to be committed; however, the companions or escorts Dating offers an easier and more fun way to build intimacy and a close bond with a person, which can last a long time if you choose.

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Surely you have heard that the escort or companion it is known as a prostitute or whores and in the worst case, they refer to them with insults and rudeness; that denigrate the integrity of a woman, who only provides services professionally.

The reality is that the use of the word escort is old, since it dates back to the 16th century and probably comes from the term shorta; which in Italian means accompaniment. It is worth mentioning that in Latin there was also the word scortum, associated with the skin; so he began to associate with people who offered his body, in exchange for money.

In English the term short, refers to an escort, who in the militia carried weapons to protect another; but then it began to be used as a word that is related, with a person who guides or accompanies another; especially at a social event.