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50 USD

Monday to Saturday

10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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Who I am?

Hi Sky, I'm Laura. I invite you to meet me, I perform relaxing and sedative Sensual Massages. Every encounter should start with Sensual massages to culminate in something Erotic, pleasant and that will take you to a moment of Unforgettable Relaxation.
I offer you something different.
My pleasure is that you leave Happy.
I handle myself With Shift Reserve Write me and we coordinate.

Kisses Lau♥️



He is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (8)


4 months ago

Is beautiful!!! Bold tall. I had the pleasure of sharing an afternoon with her… she is very physically beautiful. Terrible ride he gave me. Seeing those loaves on me was amazing


4 months ago

Lau is beautiful in person, she is much prettier, beautiful in face, great body, beautiful perfumed hair, but the best are her massages, the vibes and everything else!!! She adapts to everything, I've been with her several times and she's kind since you sent her wsp. I recommend this beautiful girl 100.


4 months ago

Divine all Laura. the best wave excellent massages; I asked him loud and then slow… I lomazoo a prettier face than in the photos. sweet all the time! You have the option of something else and it destroys you, it kills you... delicious perfume and beautiful skin. a 10

Juan Pablo

4 months ago

Whenever I travel to Baires I visit her!!! Laurita is simply HER MO SA!!! CHEERFUL FUN PREDISPOSED Her forte is massages that take you to heaven and the final relaxation is another world. BEAUTIFUL, LOLAS, TAIL, TANned, IMPECCABLE AND HER FACE IS VERY PRETTY…. GOOD MASSAGES GOOD SEX ALL A 10 WITH HER. I WAS TWO HS AND THE INCREDIBLE PASS. UNFORGETTABLE!!


4 months ago

LAURA is cool, very nice and professional! In my case, as I already know her, I spent 3 hours and every minute was worth it from the massages, talking to her, sex in all the ways she laughs!!! Physically she is really beautiful like few! I really like this masseuse and for me she is the best. Regards to all


2 months ago

an incredible woman


1 month ago

Goddess indisputable. Excellent cool service and most importantly friendly. I felt very comfortable and excellent massages and the other xxxx a luxury. It is divine... recommended 100%.


1 month ago

Lau thanks for the experience. First time I try a masseuse and this wave of the sensual. .. it's incredible… the pleasure of being relaxed and ending up with full sex and how you get hotter is sublime. I finished like never before. Because I wanted more massages and to have a drink with her and luckily I had time and we coordinated another hour. Fascinated

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