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Who I am?

I invite you to meet me in a moment of full intimacy, where we both forget about time and space.


eva glitz

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Experiences (10)

I lived92Ezekiel

8 months ago

1st face-to-face meeting and the truth is that I received excellent treatment, punctuality, sensuality and a lot of fire at the time of sex. It was much more than I expected. I rate Eva a 10. He does not look at the schedules, but that we have a great time. HIGHLY recommended


8 months ago

An excellent experience with Eva, great treatment and an hour where she spends 10. She is always attentive to you having a good time, highly recommended

basque san telmo

4 months ago

Eva is one of the most wonderful experiences I've ever had. An extraordinary beauty and a sensuality that makes you fall in love. The pleasure it provides is absolute and you are left without understanding very well what you did to deserve so much. She is also super human and it is a luxury to have a little chat with her.


4 months ago

A genius Eve. From the first moment we met. Much prettier than expected. I'll be back pretty


4 months ago

Incredible is the only thing that comes out to put. I can't wait to see it again. Super good vibes. It is worth to 100%


4 months ago

A total genius. Impossible not to have a good time.


4 months ago

better than in the photos and a lot but a lot of vibes


3 months ago

There's nothing cuter than having her at 4... it's crazy! Besides, it's super cool... all the vibes have... you don't need to look for anything. In it you have everything you are looking for!


3 months ago

Really prettier than the photos. A bomb, body or amazing and it makes you feel happy to be alive. Safety pin.

hector louis

1 month ago

Eva is BEAUTIFUL AND A GREAT PERSON, I've known her for a long time and she always shines in her service and in everything. Always reincodp, because in her is everything. The most beautiful sex is with her, no doubt. Kisses

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