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Who I am?

Hello sweetie, how are you? I'll tell you a little about myself, I'm Lu, a super fine and natural escort girl in Palermo Soho.

I make meetings in hotels and homes to spend a beautiful moment.

I study and train, so the time for appointments is reduced, so I ask you to write me in advance 😊

I am totally independent...

Your query is a pleasure to answer.

Regards.... Lu



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Experiences (11)


8 months ago

I was with her and it was a very nice experience. It is the one in the photos or even much more beautiful. Cool boyfriend service 10 out of 10. She is also very nice and warm.
I hope to see you again soon.


6 months ago

I wrote to him and we were able to quickly coordinate a meeting. She is much prettier than what is seen in the photos, she is very nice. At all times she was concerned that I had a good time. We had a very nice time.


5 months ago

In addition to having a phenomenal body and face, this girl is divine. Super attentive, friendly, a beautiful smile. She is much prettier in person and her service was excellent. An absolutely positive experience.


5 months ago

Beyond having a great body and beautiful tits that I couldn't stop sucking, this girl is the most divine thing there is. Very nice and has a beautiful smile that made me feel very comfortable from the first moment. It is much prettier in person than in the photos. Totally recommended, a positive experience from every point of view.


5 months ago

We fixed it quickly, he received me with good vibes and I had a great time, everything was very relaxed and calm.
It is prettier than in the photos


5 months ago

I just wrote to you on WhatsApp and I await your response after Christmas because from the comments I read and from what I saw of your photos I have high expectations for the meeting


5 months ago

Spectacular, beautiful, the best wave I've seen, from beginning to end, she knows how to give pleasure, recommended 100%

Luu a genius the sweetest thing in Palermo 💞💞💞😉

5 months ago

luu a genius the sweetest thing in Palermo


3 months ago

Really very beautiful, and nice. Divine, huge natural tits, beautiful tail. 100%recommended.


3 weeks ago

Super friendly and nice. Educated and with a very good attitude.
Now his body is not the one in the photos. He is heavier in person.


two weeks ago

I spent an excellent afternoon with lu. She is a beautiful girl, very nice and she treated me with the best vibes. Natural body that I could not take off. Recommended from one.

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