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40 USD

Monday to Saturday

1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


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Who I am?

I'm Katya, licensed masseuse with its own office in the Palermo neighborhood.

Relaxing, decontracting and sports massage sessions. I combine different techniques, reiki and yoga.

I work with rehabilitation machines.

With reservation.


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Experiences (13)

brian rooster

2 years ago

It goes with a happy ending

Leonardo Dicaprio

2 years ago

The sweetest and most professional queen I was with, divine in every way, with me she has a client for a while

Nico Sarmiento

2 years ago

She is one of the nicest women I have met, good massages, excellent conversation, I love that she makes one feel calm and confident. Always, but always repeat with her.


2 years ago

Appetizing Briana. I'm a veteran who can't resist giving in to sexual apathy. Veteran because I am in the range of seventy-six years. I have already experimented with all the existing methods to achieve normal erections and none of them is efficient for me. The admiration for female bodies keeps me in a state of passionate excitement, it warms me up to a degree of desire to sexually devour the women that I am attracted to, the problem is that my erections are soft but I have a very efficient and very exploratory tongue that even in certain opportunities they can improve the soft ones. Your photographs incite and excite me. Regarding the background that I am telling you, I encourage you to ask for the possibility of an interview-experience and that the result of the game gratifies you and me, well, whatever.


2 years ago

Hello, I would like a massage tomorrow at 3. Near what are you called?

john haverty

1 year ago

Would a visit at the Marriott tomorrow be possible?


1 year ago

Would a visit at the Marriott tomorrow be possible?


1 year ago

Are you available for a massage at the Marriott this afternoon?


1 year ago

Excellent treatment, very good massages, very cordial and friendly. Highly recommended to go often 😘 I hope to see you soon.


10 months ago

The veteran is beautiful, I am in love


10 months ago



8 months ago

The pampering that this woman hits you is incredible, ideal for those who are uncomfortable with silence, she takes you like a champion and leaves you seeing colors at the end. If you go more than once things get better. You should raise your fees for the skills you have

Jose Luis

1 month ago

Truly a beautiful woman, I go whenever I can!!!

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