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Who I am?

Hello BB! I am ORNE, an independent escort in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood.
I invite you to spend a unique moment🔥
My fitness body together with my kisses will make it difficult for you to forget me...
⭐️ I provide service: complete, conventional and I fulfill fantasies!!
♦️ Exclusive apartment Palermo Hollywood
♦️ I make hotels and addresses only in CABA
I'll wait for you …. ORNE


Photo by Madelyn


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Photo by Nicky MDZ

Experiences (14)


1 year ago

Very good photos !!!! Bravo!!!!


1 year ago

It is hell and beauty of a woman!!! If you can enjoy her hill in the videos and photos, being with her is the closest thing to touching the sky with your hands. Her mouth is a delicacy from the gods, with her full lips you feel like you can't stop kissing her. A unique lomazo, very horny: full sex guaranteed. In addition, it is very good wave. The perfect combination!!! It leaves you wanting to come back!!! And so it will be...


1 year ago

A sweet, sensual and delicate woman. A statuesque body and smooth, tanned skin. Absolute perfection is not an exaggeration. I watched it three times in a row and I can't stop thinking about it. Wishing to return to Argentina to see her again.


1 year ago

Well what to tell you about Orne. First of all it is much more beautiful than in the photos. She is a super sweet girl who always wants to make you have a very pleasant time. He also gives beautiful kisses and makes you feel so good. In intimacy it's a fire 🔥 and it always gives its best. For me it was one of the best experiences I've had in recent times and I would like to see it again soon. For my part it is highly recommended.


1 year ago

She is an incredible woman. Since the time you fell in love. The wave, that body 💣
Those lips that she has are addictive and she kisses so richly that you forget everything.


10 months ago

Excellent treatment, a sweet woman, I will never forget her kisses.


9 months ago

This woman is the most fiery of all, a sex addicted machine


9 months ago

Orne is a beautiful girl, from the moment you see her you fall in love, she is super cool. She has an incredible body that knows how to use it to give you pleasure. She really enjoys sex, she gives some kisses that you can't forget, oral sex is the best. In my case it is a forced recidivism.


8 months ago

This girl is a fire!!! definitely the hottest on this page, her fitness body and her mouth are addictive and she enjoys sex tremendously!!! To return 1 and 1000 times.


5 months ago

I'm leaving my xp here again, as I promised, I've returned more than once in this time. The truth is that not only do I say again that this girl is addictive, but that each new encounter surpasses the previous one. A bomb, an incredible body and the best sex guaranteed!!! how much energy and how much enjoyment!!!


5 months ago

I met her yesterday and my head literally burned.
She has the best body you can imagine and makes you spend an unforgettable moment from start to finish, giving you the feeling that you have known her your whole life.
Sexually he is incredible and he does ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING WELL
Already thinking about the next visit…


5 months ago

Last week I visited Orne, I'm not one to leave comments but this girl is a roller coaster, she leaves you in bed, from the moment you arrive she drives you crazy with her kisses and you immediately move on to sex which is where she really shines, she loves it, and He lets you know, he moans, he does it in all positions, in 4 it's an unforgettable show, I'll be back!!


5 months ago

I met Orne at the hotel in Buenos Aires and was surprised by his sensuality. She passionately enjoys sex; her fitness body is an absolute pleasure. It was the best experience in Buenos Aires. I´ll invite her every time I travel to Argentina.


5 days ago

Orne provides incredible service, absolutely spectacular. She is affectionate, kind, a real lady, but at the same time super hot, a fire in bed. Oral is a total luxury, although everything is top notch. Highly recommended. I plan to return very often!!!

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