Fetishism – Learn what fetishism is and how to enjoy it with an escort Posted on 08/19/2021 By Carlos

Fetishism – Know what fetishism is and how to enjoy it with an escort

He fetishism It is a term popularly spread among the culture of sex and escorts. The word refers to a "something" that arouses such intense sexual arousal in the user that it becomes his favorite source of desire; and many times, it is impossible for them to reach orgasm when they are not in the presence of it.

The fetishes recognized are varied, unusual for the most part and even deadly depending on taste. But the eroticism behind these elements that cause pleasure are what keep their interested parties turning to them as many times as they can.

And you should know that there is nothing wrong with enjoying an unusual sexual item or practice; as long as it is done safely and both parties are pleased with the act. Of course, in some cases; we understand if some other fetishism It can sound a bit confusing and difficult to communicate to a potential sexual partner. especially when fearing the reaction or judgment that will be received from her.

That is why it is important to understand what is fetishism and how to deal with them in a healthy way. Because it is not necessary to remain cloistered behind the door of your room suffering silently; when there are beautiful escort girls who will be happy to pleasure you with whatever taste you favor.

So here we will take care of explaining what you should know about the fetishism; How can you enjoy these particular sexual practices with a argentinian escort ready to experiment.

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What does fetishism mean? an unbridled admiration

To begin with, if we look in the most literal sense of the term fetishism, we will find that it defines a type of highly exaggerated admiration (or devotion, or idolatry) that is held for a specific object or element.

This is what allows us to understand the sexual fetishes as an object, item, or condition that arouses unbridled lustful desire in a person.

The point is that this "something" object of desire can be literally anything.

And some of them may be risky enough that not even a professional escort dares to try it without good preparation; but that does not mean that you cannot freely ask the escort you want to hire.

For that reason, if you have a fetish that you would like to be able to perform freely; Definitely hire the services of a escort buenos aires it is your best choice. Only follow these tips if you have any doubts about how to explain to your escort that you have a special preference during the negotiation; and everything will flow by itself from there.

How can you tell an escort that you have a special fetish preference?

First of all, you should consider being completely honest with your date. She's a sex worker, and I'm sure she's seen a lot; You shouldn't be shy when explaining that you have a fetish because they just want you to enjoy your date with them and they are also very discreet.

It is true that not all escort They will be willing to experience all kinds of fetishism; especially if they have to do with cuts or something a little more extreme, but you can be confident that; Even if the first person you talk to isn't comfortable with it and chooses not to accept the offer, nothing bad will happen.

None of them are going to analyze very deeply or judge in any way what there must be that fetish meaning for you, so don't be afraid to talk to them if you have a particular preference.

If escorts are good at something, it's keeping secrets and who knows, you might arouse their curiosity and make them like it too!

Photo 2 Fetishism – Learn what fetishism is and how to enjoy it with an escort

So do not fear, when you are in the negotiation stage with the escort and you are asking about the services you want to contract, tell her from the beginning, politely, that you feel attracted to that fetish. Explain to her how you would like to experience it or how you would like the encounter with her to unfold, and then ask her if she would be willing to allow you to do so.

You may find that she is attracted to the idea and perhaps she will give you some suggestion of how they could go about it, or ask you for more details. But if she doesn't feel comfortable or won't make the appointment, you shouldn't feel bad.

You have the option to go ahead with the appointment and adjust the details so that you can have another type of meeting; or thank her for her time and end the conversation, there will always be more options to keep looking for a perfect partner.

Some of the most common fetishes and some a little weirder

  • Foot fetish (Podophilia): manifested by receiving erotic pleasure at the sight or contact with the feet, sometimes in relation to the shoes you wear. This can range from a fetish for heels, but the focal point is that the person with Podophilia experiences arousal from seeing, smelling, kissing, or caressing their partner's feet.
  • Fetish for masks (Maskephilia): being aroused by having sex while wearing a mask that covers all or part of your face.
  • Fetish for dressing as a stuffed animal during sex (Ursusagalamatophilia): it is the sexual desire that is felt towards anything related to stuffed animals; How to get turned on while dressed as a stuffed animal or by someone who is.
  • Fetishism for threesomes (Triolismo): it is considered a paraphilia when a person receives an uncontrollable excitement while watching their partner having sex with another,
  • Fetish for the rough (Clastomania): it happens when a person gets excited while tearing or destroying the clothes of his companion.
  • Scent fetishism (olfactory): feeling sexually aroused by another person's body odors, such as sweat or gas.
  • Fetish for mannequins or statues (Agamaltophilia): it is the sexual desire for immobile objects such as mannequins or statues; Generally, whoever has this fetish will be aroused by touching or kissing their companion while they remain completely immobile in a pose or in front of said objects.
  • Blood fetish (Hematophilia): occurs when a person is aroused by being covered in blood or rubbing blood on their partner's body; It can include the pleasure of cutting someone else's body to see it bleed.


Fetishism has many manifestations and you will always find someone with whom you can enjoy them, if your fetish could result in a risky practice, you may want to prepare your partner first or find a way to perform it that satisfies both of you.

Visit our blog to find much more information about the foot fetish and other useful tips to enjoy your meetings with luxury escorts.

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