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VIP Escorts – Why do married men look for escorts?

Although it may seem amazing, the service of VIP escorts it is commonly requested by married men. Generally, married men are looking for a non-judgmental ear that will listen to them; They also require affectionate interaction such as that offered by a VIP escort.

For these and other reasons, a man may choose the service of a VIP escort; That is why we will show you the main reasons that drive a married man to request this type of service.

Reasons Why Married Men Seek VIP Escorts

Seek sexual liberation, but want to return home

Many women in the trade believe that most married men love their wives, but end up choosing VIP escorts Because they don't want to hurt their partners.

These men often have needs that they can't meet at home, and they really don't want to leave their wives alone for that reason. The fact that they choose to satisfy their sexual needs does not mean that they do not feel anything for their spouses.

If they had stopped loving their partners, they would have left long ago and stay married because they still love their wives, not for financial reasons, not for the children. Men know that releasing sexually results in a calmer version of themselves, which is what their wives want and want to see.

spend time with one escortsxp it is a way for men to satisfy their masculine needs, without damaging their marriage.

They demand more affection than they receive at home

Married men have also confessed that they require much more affection than their partners provide. It is very rare that they are only with VIP escorts for a short time, since they usually hire their services for up to three hours and not just to have sex. During this time they also like to cuddle and appreciate a good chat. They also desire caresses and soft sex.

Many VIP escorts say that men are really looking for intimacy and not an affair with them. They only crave the affection that they do not receive from their partners, taking into account that many couples do not share a room after the arrival of the children or because the home lacks complete privacy.

For this reason, it is not strange that men go elsewhere to seek the services of an escort that provides them with sex, affection and attention.

They don't get enough care at home

Although they do not usually accept it, men also need adequate attention. Their ego needs to be continually appreciated, their achievements recognized, as they want to be the center of their wives' universe, even with children, careers and pets.

There are even married men who complain that their wives pay more attention to the dog; There are also those who say that their wives do not listen to them, nor do they care about their professional lives.

It is understood that women should not only play the role of wives, as well as employees and mothers; But it's also true that their partners shouldn't become invisible once kids, jobs, and pets come on the scene. That is why men tend to seek VIP escorts, to satisfy these cravings for attention.

They miss pleasing their wives

A married man who requires the services of VIP escorts he will likewise miss pleasing his wife. Not necessarily, he will miss the frequent sex, but the moments when he felt like he was a man to his wife.

Their ego plays a big role in their desire, but their partner's pleasure is of crucial importance to them. Most men don't feel complete if they fail to please their wives or if they are rejected and their partner refuses to please them; either because they feel fat or because of a physical change, among other factors.

men need to have sex

Men love it and need to have sex practically all their lives; when they don't have sex they get stressed, agitated and don't perform well at their jobs.

The fact that sex rarely occurs after a few years of marriage frustrates men more than anything. The lack of sex is what drives men to request services with VIP escorts.

They require that physical liberation that comes with sex and clearly it cannot be denied that there are men who need variety; even if they have sex at home up to three times a day. But for most married men, it's about having sex and nothing more.


Married men are not just looking for ways to satisfy physical sexual desire. They prefer to find a person with whom to have a friendly chat and in turn be accompanied by beautiful and seductive VIP escorts that they give them their full attention, one of the aspects that their wives tend to neglect a lot.

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It's a perfect description of married life. She never feel like it. He never takes the initiative. My case. That's why I'm looking for VIP and mature escorts. You want and need a good time.

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