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Deep Throat – The sexiest erotic movie of all time,

Deep Throat It was one of the most controversial films of all time. For the time it was published, in the early 70's; This film went from being an amateur film to one that completely filled movie theaters. This film revolutionized the porn industry, being a window that showed how a production in this category could be perfectly profitable.

Many scandals were around all the workers of Deep Throat, its low budget, which is speculated to have been obtained from the mafia, was enough to record a tape whose plot, not so elaborate, attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of people.

So much fame and so much criticism for being a film that promoted obscene things, would lead to the government of President Nixon, in the USA; open an investigation to determine the impact on the good values of American families and the bad influence represented by projecting pornography in movie theaters. This investigation led to the arrest of the main actor and the protest of some actors, for the violation of freedom of expression.

Deep Throat – The sexiest erotic movie of all time

Deep Throat Synopsis – The milestone of the porn industry

The film directed by Gerard Damiano places Linda Lovelace as Linda, a young prostitute who has never achieved an orgasm. Her housemate, named Helen, worried about her friend, hires several boys to be sexually with her; Although this doesn't help her situation at all, she still hasn't achieved an orgasm, so she gets very frustrated.

Convinced that something is wrong with her, she decides to go to a specialist, who will give her a medical opinion; That is why she meets Dr. Young, a gynecologist who is interested in her case and with whom she has several sessions. To the surprise of both, they discover that the biological reason why they do not have a happy ending in their sexual relations is due to their pleasure organ; that is to say, her clitoris, she has it in her throat.

Deep Throat it takes place in the midst of hilarious situations, with comedy with absurd touches; demonstrating that the sensuality of linda lovelece it was more than enough to attract the gaze of men; accustomed at that time to extremely voluptuous and unattainable women in porn.

Historical relevance of the movie Deep Throat

In the 1970s, the pornographic industry was growing, but it was still kept underground, under the shadow of a collective morality; who secretly enjoyed pornographic material, but publicly rejected it.

When a film with such an impact as Deep Throat came to light, the society of the time went crazy; many went to the movies, just because it was the topic of the moment and they didn't want to be left out of group conversations.

The administration of President Richard Nixon ordered the FBI to investigate everything surrounding the tape; he wanted to promote the silence of it, preventing it from being shown in commercial movie theaters. But what began as a persecution ended up collaborating in the popularization of Deep Throat, which ended up grossing over $30 million.

Deep Throat – The sexiest erotic movie of all time

But who was Linda Lovelece?

Linda Susan Boreman better known as linda lovelece She was a porn actress who worked in the industry from a very young age; It is known that she was the daughter of an extremist Catholic policeman and waitress, who gave her very bad treatment; which would force her to run away from home as soon as she had the chance. This is how she met her first boyfriend Charles Traynor, who would also be an abusive man and would become her pimp.

It is not known clearly, if linda lovelece she worked as a prostitute and as a porn actress, out of obligation or free will; because many opinions and testimonies collide in this regard. But without a doubt, the movie Deep Throat it would be the one that would place him in the public arena and after that; he would retire from the world of acting after several failures.

Linda would die in 2002 in a car accident, after suffering various health problems for years; such as hepatitis contracted by a blood transfusion and breast cancer, caused by the injection of silicone into her breasts.

What is deep throat? – Safe or unsafe sexual technique?

This sexual technique popularized in the film Deep Throat, consists of the introduction of the male member in the woman's mouth; which leans at an angle that allows her to receive the penis up to its entirety, touching her throat.

It is a practice that can be really exciting for those who practice it, its risk consists in the obstruction of the airway. But how to deep throat without this happening? Participants must establish a warning signal, which indicates when the air begins to lack or when the sensation of drowning exceeds a limit.

if you know well what is deep throat and you explain to your sexual partner, what are the risks and advantages of practicing it; There should not be any eventuality, so the main thing is to maintain good communication between the two.


Deep Throat Despite all its controversies, it allowed considering pornographic films as part of popular culture and the success they are capable of achieving when they are prohibited. It also allowed to know the life of the porn actors; as well as everything that happens after that world and the impact it has on the lives of its protagonists.

This film gave the public the opportunity to learn more about prostitution and the sexual practices that are handled; in fact, some escorts of the time learned and began to perform this technique given the demand of the clients, who asked to feel the idea that was transmitted in this production.

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