Escorts as a couple – Enjoy a VIP Escort with your partner Posted on 10/26/2021 By Carlos

Escorts as a couple – Enjoy a VIP Escort with your partner,

When passion begins to wane, the alternative is couple escorts; that is to say, one of the functional solutions to rediscover sexual desire in the couple relationship is hiring a VIP escort; to attend to both of them in a sexual encounter established by the parties.

A escort for couples, is a girl whose function is to please two people who are in a relationship, through a threesome. These encounters, in general, arise when monotony or routine take over the couple's day to day; making the desire and interest for the other, remain on the edge of an abyss, where the bottom in the worst case, is a separation; since the healthy enjoyment of sexuality is important.

The escort that gives attention to couples It is usually reserved for those people with an open mind and with their feet on the ground; since, although they fulfill mutual fantasies, the hiring of these professionals must be done in a conscious and planned way; to avoid further damage to the bond of the couple in question.

Escorts as a couple – Enjoy a VIP Escort with your partner

Aspects that you should consider when hiring escorts as a couple

If you want to hire one couple escorts, you should know that the ideal is to do it together. Why? Because it must be a choice of both; because it cannot seem that there is a greater preference on the part of one of the two, for a girl whose interest is only to provide a service.

Also think about what your expectations are to meet and place it on a scale, since the main thing is that both enjoy equally. A escort for couples She is a lady willing to listen carefully to the requests of both and respond to them with kindness; as long as they do not exceed their established limits.

That is why communication is the first aspect to consider; this is how the encounter will end up being satisfactory for all the protagonists of the sexual encounter. It is important that the act take place in a neutral place.

Where to go to hire an escort with attention to couples?

In it ArgentinaXP's blog we regularly give you a list of hotel recommendations; which work perfectly as the neutral site, where you can go with a escort for couples.

Hotels are ideal, because the argentinian escorts they feel more comfortable in them. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is not recommended to have a threesome with couple escorts, at your home.

The couple's bedroom should be kept as a sacred space for both of them; In addition, its use for this purpose should be avoided, in order to avoid adverse emotions, related to the use of the bed by a third party for carnal reasons.

What you should not do with an escort for couples

What you should never do with one mature escort who provides his services for couples, is basically summed up in not developing feelings for her.

Although it seems obvious, as we mentioned before, couples often resort to this service, when the sexual spark has diminished a bit, among other things; this can lead to having an emotional void that you want to fill with a person who will give you their attention for one night.

The best to avoid this situation, which can lead to very complex problems; is not to contact the escort CABA after the reservation. This means that if they want to repeat the experience again, it would be great if they chose a different girl between the two of them.

Escorts as a couple – Enjoy a VIP Escort with your partner

Selecting an escort for a couple

After talking calmly about the need to revive the relationship or experience new things to get out of the routine; can now sit down with peace of mind to select the best escort attention to couples. To this professional which you can get in the most select presentation of company ladies that you have for you on the page of ArgentinaXP.

Take into account the following key points when hiring an escort:

  1. Think carefully about what are the sexual fantasies of both, this implies that you should consider those of both on equal terms.
  2. Search among the profiles of independent escorts that exist in ArgentinaXP and move between the different categories.
  3. When you decide to contact one, do it with both of you present, so you will listen to the conversation and act as transparently as possible.
  4. Decide who or who will take the reins of the sexual encounter; this implies that they could follow the recommendations of the escort girl or be you who direct the action.
  5. Remember at all times; a escort for couples She is not a fortune teller nor does she have to know what is going on in the couple's mind.
  6. Read the reviews of other couples left on the profiles of the escorts; This way they will feel more secure about the girl and the services she offers.

Benefits of booking escorts as a couple

  • Increases the sexual desire of the couple; because it is usually very exciting to have sexual relations with someone whom they see for the first time in their life. Also, knowing that this person is a professional who knows what he is doing and therefore protects himself from making mistakes.
  • They break with the routine; In this sense, being with an escort with attention for couples is something unique, that only the really daring and adventurous are willing to try; without this meaning anything bad or risky.
  • Increases the union between the couple, because the fact of working as a team to find a solution or live an adventure, brings them closer; allowing them to become even more friends, accomplices and confidants.


Choose couple escorts It is a unique and gratifying experience, which then ensures a sexual encounter full of pleasant sensations. If you and your partner don't dare, think about considering it as a good fun alternative.

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