The best Hotels in Buenos Aires to enjoy with your escort Posted on 08/02/2021 By Carlos

The best Hotels in Buenos Aires to enjoy with your escort

You know The best hotels in Buenos Aires to enjoy with your escort? Here we will show you five of the best options to enjoy in the capital; discreet establishments to widely enjoy all the sensual pleasures you could wish for, but this quality is not everything.

From elegant suites with luxurious whirlpools, to rooms inspired by the silk beds of Arabian palaces. No theme is too ostentatious (or impossible) to recreate within the rooms of these hotels intended for sexual pleasure.

Some of these Hotels in Buenos Aires They offer services such as free coffee or breakfast for those clients who choose Overnight shifts; Regardless of what you are looking for, you will surely be able to find a suitable hotel to enjoy your perfect date with a argentinian escort.

Temporary hostels to enjoy with escorts in Buenos Aires

The great advantage of the Argentine capital is that you can walk around the city and find one of these special hostels in almost every area. Surely you have passed by some without noticing what they are, or probably you are already a regular at these fun little places.

Without a doubt, when it comes to having an encounter with company girls in buenos aires, the most feasible thing is that you reserve the shift in any of these hostels, because in them you will have all the security and privacy you need to enjoy your chosen partner with discretion.

The best Hotels in Buenos Aires to enjoy with your escort

The decorations of certain thematic hotels is one of the most attractive things that these places have, they can even offer you favorable scenarios for the escort service in buenos aires, such as pole dance, erotic chair, jacuzzi and a few drinks from the mini bar to complete the experience.

So come and discover some of The best hotels in Buenos Aires to enjoy with your escort at full power.


It is a popular transitory hostel located Anchorena 1293, Recoleta, right on the corner where the Charcas 745 stop is located. D'or is a complex with rooms decorated in the purest modern style, each one with neon lights, tiled floors, decorations with attractive colors and spaces that are really pleasing to the eye.

If you decide to visit this small telo you will have a private garage and bar service, air conditioning, central heating, audio and video channels and a 32 or 42-inch LCD. In addition, the rates vary according to the chosen suite from 9 USD to 15 USD approximately. It offers shifts every day for 4 hours and two hours from Sunday to Thursday after 10:00 p.m.

mix hotel

This hotel located at Larrea 765, Buenos Aires, has four suite categories that you can choose from; among which are, Roman bath, Scottish shower and hydromassage.

The rates that are paid for a shift in this Hotel in Buenos Aires range from approximately 7 UDS to 10 UDS, and its rooms offer the comfort of a space decorated according to the chosen category; from modern and luxurious to with an essence of ancient rome.

You can book 3-hour shifts between 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. so you can enjoy with your vip escort in buenos aires, after that, the shifts regularly change to 2 hours, more than enough time to safely enjoy at the hands of your beautiful escort girl.

The best Hotels in Buenos Aires to enjoy with your escort

Unique Hotel

It is a pleasant complex located at Avenida Juan Bautista Justo 5864, Buenos Aires. It has spacious rooms divided into two main categories, those with access to a private garage and those with general access.

The hotel has all the comforts for you to spend a night of pleasure with escort girls in buenos aires. Depending on the suite you choose, you can count on a dance pole to enjoy a private show, hydromassage, erotic chair and parking inside.

Rooms with private garage access have a rate for 3 hour shifts every day from USD 9.5 to approximately USD 15. On the other hand, for the general access suites, the rate varies from 8 USD to 11 USD approximately. However, on some dates these shifts may change to 2 hours and you will need to check the Transient Accommodations page to verify.


As unusual as the name of this accommodation may be, the Hotel ¿Que? It is located at Montañeses 1872; Belgrano and is one of the Hotels in Buenos Aires with themed rooms focused on the most varied sexual pleasure in the area. The list of categories is extensive and the rate for 1.5 hour shifts is approximately USD 7.5. Each room has its own established rate for shifts of 5 hours every day or 2 hours at special times.

This complex includes with the reservation of the shift; two free coffees and you can enjoy your vip escort and you of rooms with dance pipes, hydrozone, waterbed, erotic chair and much more. Everything varies with the theme of the room!

Cat's Hotel

The Cat's Hotel is located at Cespedes 108, Florencio Varela, it has several themed rooms; this time focused on 11 representative styles of periods or private accommodations. An example of this is his tropical cabin, or his room inspired by the Thousand and One Nights; and they even offer a UFO suite for sci-fi lovers.

Thanks to their particular decorating approach, the furnishings and style of each suite is a completely different world to enjoy with escort girls in buenos aires and live a different experience. In these rooms you will be able to appreciate in their decoration plants, rocks, crystals, color blocks, neon; or Roman columns according to your choice, but they all coincide with an erotic chair, hydromassage and some even have a sauna available.

The rate varies according to the room; Since the costs range from USD 8 to USD 12 approximately, for 2-hour shifts starting at 6:00 p.m. from Sunday to Friday. 1 hour and a half from Friday to Sunday at the same time.

The best Hotels in Buenos Aires to enjoy with your escort


Hotels in Buenos Aires are the ideal meeting place for your appointments with escorts buenos aires, which guarantee discretion, good service and the freedom to thoroughly enjoy the facilities specially designed for sex and pleasure.

If you want to know other types of accommodation to book a stay of one night or more with a escort CABA. Visit our blog where we will tell you The best Hotels in Federal Capital to go with your escort and by the way; what options are there for have fun with an escort off to bed.

You will surely enjoy it!

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