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How to be a gentleman – The definitive guide on how to treat an escort,

Meeting a lady is a time when a man's personality should shine through with his chivalry and good manners. Many might agree and even have the presence of mind to wonder how to be a gentleman, if your current behavior does not seem to be endearing itself to the female gender.

The truth is that chivalry is a reflection of distinction in masculine conduct; mainly perceived in those men who continually moderate their behavior with good practices and cordial treatment.

And you may have learned many of these practices during childhood; but over time, some may have slipped for the benefit of some misperceived practicality.

But all is not lost, if despite everything you still wonder what is a gentleman, or how you can be, keep reading and learn how to improve your treatment of women so that you dazzle your vip escort in your next appointments.

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how to be a gentleman

In present times, be a gentleman it means something as simple as acting courteous and showing politeness at all times.

It does not matter the situation or the company with which a man is reunited; your gestures, expressions and actions will have the power to define you to a woman more quickly than any display of skill or knowledge on your part.

The manners with which a man develops in the presence of a lady will tell the female immediately if she is a person worth hanging out with or; on the contrary, it is better to keep a healthy distance so as not to harm yourself.

So pay close attention to these tips, and moderate your habits to earn respect and appreciation; not just from women, but from the world around you.

Things that gentlemen do before a lady, that other men do not

  • They dominate their way of expression, avoid rudeness, jokes in bad taste or vulgar comments; as a show of respect for the woman next to him.
  • They show kindness above all, courtesy gestures such as removing your companion's seat, opening the door for her, giving way and helping her with her things make a big difference.
  • They have no difficulty asking for something using "please" and being grateful when they have received what they have asked for.
  • They know how to apologize if they have offended or made a mistake with their partner.
  • They listen patiently and with an attentive ear to their companion before presenting their own opinion.
  • They respect punctuality in their appointments above all else.
  • They take care of their personal presentation, both clothing and hygiene are very important for a good impression.
  • They also worry about making themselves known in a favorable way in any meeting with an appropriate greeting; a polite conversation and a brief interest in the well-being of your date.
  • They do not resort to aggressiveness to resolve a dispute, they disarm with words, they rely on elegance and maintain a serene demeanor in the face of an adverse situation.
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How to be a gentleman, in and out of bed

Meeting with a companion for a date always goes hand in hand with certain highly appreciated details; that can help you make a serious difference in the treatment you receive from the escort girl with which you have booked.

In the first place, a gentleman will always arrive on time at the place of his appointment; with their body clean and clothing in good condition (even if you don't intend to spend a lot of time in them).

If when the time comes to move on to other activities, you feel that your hygiene could have been compromised, due to the trip or the duration of the appointment; then accept your partner's invitation to use the shower or the toothbrush. Be aware that she will also have them and will be pleased that both of you are in your best condition to enjoy the rest of your evening without measure.

It is a sample of courtesy, that every gentleman should have, to respect the woman with whom he intends to maintain intimacy; it does not matter if it is a couple or a woman who has been paid for a sexual service.

Don't forget that hiring the services of a VIP escort, it is not about paying for a sex doll with which to do and undo at will as convenient. So if you have hired one VIP escort; it is necessary to ask and reach an agreement on the treatment that can or cannot be had during a session.

Remember that the escort they are still women with feelings, likes and dislikes. They are people who work and provide a service, they are not a body devoid of autonomy or emotions. Therefore, they have as much right as anyone else to feel upset or wronged if a man treats them rudely.

For that reason, if a woman is willing to meet you for a sexual relationship; Whether money is involved or not, it is a gesture of chivalry to give the lady some detail or present.

It should not be anything elaborate or out of your possibilities, because you do not intend to fall in love with it; simply thank them for the moment they are about to enjoy and pleasantly surprise your companion by showing that you take them into account. You can even gift something simple that you both can enjoy later on your date.


Now that you have been armed with new knowledge about how to be a gentleman, if you follow these recommendations and demonstrate chivalry in the company of the girls, the future of your relationships and encounters with escorts will be destined to be an exceptional experience.

But if you still want to learn much more about the world of escorts and break with the doubts you have about them; you can figure out the misconceptions that became escort myths on our blog or discover more tips on how to deal with escorts by developing your social skills.

Gain skills and have fun with everything these fantastic girls have to offer.

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