Escort myths – Misconceptions about escorts Posted on 05/19/2021 By Carlos

Escort Myths – Misconceptions about escort ladies,

There are some escort myths that they are completely wrong; since, in addition to being beautiful and smart girls They can offer you unforgettable experiences. Due to lack of information, some think that they only offer sexual services, that they have no preparation or that they are prostitutes, when the truth is that a escort can offer you much more than that.

Given these misconceptions, we have created this article for you; where you will be able to know in detail the 7 escort myths most common, clarify your doubts and go to the find the right information.

the 7mmost popular quotes about escorts

They have little education

Escort myths – Misconceptions about escorts

Something that is far from reality, and that is considered one of the worst escort myths, is that these girls have no education. What many do not realize is that these are people who have careers or small businesses and know how to run their business.

Regarding their work, the escorts know comprehensive conversation skills and a deep understanding of human nature. Their appearance opens business doors for them, and girls often rely on their intelligence to make them coveted escorts.

Most believe that escorts are not smart; However, you will be surprised to learn that many of them are full-time university students or that, in addition to their trade, they practice a profession.

Escorts are money oriented

Escort myths – Misconceptions about escorts

Thanks to their intelligence and ingenuity, the escorts have an hourly rate like any worker, employee or independent. The purpose of the girls is to leave the men satisfied and fulfilled. Nor can it be denied that there are escorts who come from poor families and resort to this job to get an education.

Therefore, with a good education, they can eventually get a better paying regular job. Meanwhile, they need to support their families and get an education. 

It is not an easy job, but being an escort helps them get the money they need faster. These aspects do not make them money-oriented, this is another of the escort myths more common; since all this makes them, in a way, become responsible people who work for a living like everyone else.

However, most escorts are very beautiful, single women who see their appearance as their greatest asset and use it to their advantage.

They keep their profession a secret from everyone

Escort myths – Misconceptions about escorts

Escorts do not necessarily hide their profession from everyone; this is another one escort myths of which they often speak. If they choose to keep what they do a secret, it is mostly because of the privacy that comes with their profession.

In general, it is the clients who do not want people to know that they are with an escort; Furthermore, some clients become addicted to a specific escort, which makes them obsessed and can become aggressive. For these reasons, escorts usually avoid this type of situation and try to maintain the privacy of their profession, without the need for their loved ones to know about it.

It is illegal to be an escort in Argentina

Escort myths – Misconceptions about escorts

In Argentina, being an escort is not illegal, what is illegal is pimping. If the escorts do their job independently, they will be in charge of highlighting their skills and offering the services that the men who require them. So, if you thought that escorts are illegal, we inform you that it is another of the escort myths.

The escorts choose to have that profession to feed an addiction

Escort myths – Misconceptions about escorts

These girls usually lead healthy, clean lives with amazing looking bodies. It is impossible for them to consume alcohol and drugs, since they damage their appearance and they live from it.

Nor are they street prostitutes who normally do what they do to feed a drug habit. An escort girl is a stylish, intelligent and beautiful woman who often works out in the gym to keep her body in shape. 

These women invest heavily in quality skin care products and take great care of their bodies in general. There is no room for addiction if it is a respectable escort girl.

The escorts are prostitutes

Escort myths – Misconceptions about escorts

This is the biggest mistake and one of the escort myths that make them increasingly reluctant to share information about their profession with other people.

Escorts often sell their time to a client and what they do in that time will be entirely up to them. Even if they don't feel comfortable, they can reject requests from their clients. 

It is not only about sex, they can also spend hours listening to a stressed or depressed client who just wants to talk, but those same hours can also be dedicated to making a man sexually happy, it is not about selling their body, but your time.


The misconceptions about escort girls are unlikely to ever change. However, people seem to have started to understand that escorts provide a legitimate service based on a legitimate demand. It is a trade like any other, with its benefits and risks; the misconceptions associated with this work must be demystified.

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