Businessmen – What every escort should know about their client Posted on 08/18/2021 By Carlos

Businessmen – What every escort should know about her client

dating with businessmen They will always be a separate point in the career of every VIP companion.

These men are people whose work consumes most of their lives; and they have no time or desire to complicate their already busy existence with the dramas or intricacies typical of a sentimental search.

And that is where the work of the escorts comes into the equation. Having a partner by your side who lives up to the expectations of the circle of people who surround you helps them take care of their image; but, above all, to impress or stand out in specific situations where the company you bring with you can positively or negatively influence some important aspect of your career.

This makes the businessmen look for very specific characteristics when requesting the services of a VIP escort to go in your company to trips, dinners or corporate events.

The first is education, because a Businessman he will have succeeded with a lot of effort in his career, he will have extensive knowledge on a variety of interesting topics and he will interact with people as knowledgeable about the world as he is; so he will want to go hand in hand with a cultured, educated girl, and with a good presence; but especially with the ability to be an interesting conversationalist, with the necessary charisma to show off in public.

Therefore, if you have had to be the date of a Businessman, here we explain everything you should take into account as argentinian escort to meet the expectations of your client and leave behind a good impression.

What an escort should take into account when meeting with businessmen

First of all, you must be clear that not all escort profiles are appropriate to be hired by businessmenThis is a reality that no one can deny.

Although, like everything in the world; there is no single taste, or defined stereotype that a escort girl should follow as a manual when it is your turn to be the date of an important man. Yes there are some skills that you must possess; more because they are included in the culture of the upper class social circle than because your particular client is a businessman.

This means that to be a partner to a businessman you will probably need everything from basic instruction on formal dinner table manners to designing body language. A taste for clothing appropriate to the environment, refined social skills, knowledge of general culture; of course, the charm of a fluent conversation.

Businessmen – What every escort should know about their client

For many escorts with a high level of education this may not be a problem, but we know that even natural charisma can be surpassed by the requirements of the businessmen More demanding.

Therefore, if you have been contacted by a man with the intention of taking you out on a business appointment, you should make sure that you have all the information you may need to help him appear in the most flattering way before his partners and colleagues.

Remember that for this kind of case, it is very likely that your presence is required more for the quality of the company you can provide and the good you can do for the image of your client than for any sexual service, although it is not always exempt from it.

So carefully build the personal profile you'll need, based on your client's specific preferences.

Find out their social preferences

There are many aspects of a businessman's social life that are often quite private; but they can help you determine what type of partner your client needs you to be for him.

Therefore, it is prudent to probe some topics like the ones we leave you below if you have the opportunity to help you prepare in the best possible way.

  • The types of places you prefer to visit or frequent.
  • The type of person with whom you are going to come into contact during the duration of the appointment. (If there are important positions, associates or even someone he prefers to be addressed in a more formal or informal way, any details you can get are an advantage).
  • How you want them to project their relationship when they are in public.
  • What kind of relationship are they representing to others (girlfriend, partner, friend)
  • Whether or not there is an important person that you should consider, present at the event.
  • If you are usually outgoing with your partners or, on the contrary, you prefer a more modest behavior.
  • What are you going to do during the time you spend together?
  • The types of events he plans to take you to, along with a description of them, and whether or not there is a dress code you must adhere to. (he probably wants to provide you with the outfits, but it's better to have a confirmation).
  • What does he expect of you as his date partner?
  • How do you want to introduce yourself?
  • What topics are safe to talk about in public, but mainly what should be avoided.
  • If there is anything you specifically need to do or educate yourself on before the appointment.

And everything you can think of. Businessmen regularly book their appointments well in advance so that you can prepare; so if there is something in particular that requires special attention from you, you can consider it.

Businessmen – What every escort should know about their client

Continue with your private preferences

You'll need to know more about him to be able to play a believable couple, so ask him for some details of his story; the work you do; about the friends you have; what do you like (activities, sex, food, some preferences); what do you dislike; if he has any particular wishes that you must fulfill during the appointment; if he prefers you to highlight your femininity with him.

This part is to discover who he is as a man, so listen to him, pay attention to him; loving if that is what you are looking for. The businessmen they prefer intelligence and a pretty smile in women over the heart-stopping body they may possess, so polish all your weapons.


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