Types of Escorts – Discover what each one can offer you Posted on 05/22/2023 By Carlos

Types of Escorts – Discover what each one can offer you

There is a famous saying that goes "for tastes, colorsand in the world of escorts from Caballito this also applies. There are different types of escorts, each and every one adapts to the varied tastes of clients.

Today we will talk about eight types of escorts and their characteristics, so that you can discover for yourself which one may be the right one for an escort and business service, an intense night of sex or both. Don't miss it!

8 types of escorts for every occasion

the girl next door

This type of escort of Federal Capital It is one of the most desired, both for men and women. It is characterized by being a VIP whore from Buenos Aires very funny and nice, always ready to listen to you if you want to tell her your problems.

The most important thing: these types of escorts are very sure of themselves and of what they are capable of making you feel. So you will be in front of a beauty without any complexes.

Types of Escorts – Discover what each one can offer you

The porn star escort

The porn star is fascinating, not only because of her great beauty and exuberant curves, but because some have even participated in porn movies; and those who haven't, have seen it!

They are willing to do many of the common and desired practices within this industry with you. They don't know the word "shame", so you can ask them to fulfill your most secret fantasies.

intelligent escort

Many clients want to hire these escorts, because they don't just want sex; but to have a significant talk or accompaniment to an event. These types of escorts are usually ideal for businessmen seeking a critical opinion, as well as a woman who is intellectually capable.

Generally, these are professional women who decided to venture into the world of escorts. Or maybe they are very smart girls who always read and research on various topics to stay informed and provide quality service.

MILF Escort

The MILF is that type of escort who has a lot of experience in the sexual field. She is one of the favorites of the youngest, since she is a mature woman capable of satisfying any fantasy.

Are North Zone escorts they are very sure of themselves, they know that they can fully satisfy and that nothing is too difficult or uncomfortable for them. In fact, they are characterized by the fact that they love to maintain control, so if you like someone to guide you, this is the ideal companion for you.

schoolgirl escort

This type of escort is one who is willing to be submissive, naive and enveloping with her sweetness to catch you and fulfill your most intimate fantasies.

She is a companion who will let you take full control, she is very innocent, but she is still fun to be with. Usually, they are beautiful women recently graduated or university.

Types of Escorts – Discover what each one can offer you

escort nurse

The nurse could not be missing from our list. Many clients wish to live the experience in which a sexy escort dressed in a tight nurse uniform attends them.

This type of Belgrano escorts They will take care of you and are experts performing soft massages all over your body. Get ready to end up fully relaxed after so much care.

dominatrix escort

Ideal for BDSM lovers! She is a fearless escort who loves to dominate her clients with her whip and other tools, letting them know who is boss.

If what you are looking for is for someone to punish you, do not hesitate to choose this type of escort.

Escort Provider of niches

Finally, the niche provider is the type of escort who will be happy to unreservedly fulfill all your fetishes. They have a lot of experience listening to the most unusual requests and they have no shame when making them.

If you love fetishes, be sure to experiment with a niche provider.

Types of Escorts – Discover what each one can offer you


Now that you know the different types of escorts, all that remains is for you to choose the one that best suits your needs, dare to enjoy an unforgettable sexual experience!

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