Escort prices – 6 reasons that justify their rates Posted on 05/17/2023 By Carlos

Escort price – 6 reasons that justify their rates

Surely if you have used the service of a VIP escort or have heard about the various costs of their services, you have wondered why some escorts are so expensive? The price of the escorts is not easy to explain, since there are various factors that justify the investment.

If you are one of those who have asked this question, we have prepared this article so that you understand the reasons why the Argentine escorts They have different costs. So read carefully so that you understand why it is a fair investment.

Reasons why the price of escorts can be high

Since the rates of the VIP escorts in Buenos Aires They can vary and some are quite high, here we will indicate some reasons about the prices of the escorts:

They don't always have as much workflow

While it is true that some Federal capital whores They have dozens of clients in a week, most of them handle a smaller flow. In addition, the meetings usually last between 1 or 2 hours, which would generate an average salary.

This is without counting the time when the influx is not high, the days of sick leave, the days when the girls have their period and their free time. So your income is not always constant.

Photo 1 Escort prices – 6 reasons that justify their rates

You pay not only for sex work, but also for the emotional factor

Many clients believe that the meeting is reduced to sex, pleasure and fun; but the truth is that the Belgrano VIP escorts they make a great emotional effort to satisfy you. This is an aspect that influences the price of the escorts.

The work of your companion is not limited to bed 

Carrying out the necessary publicity to contact clients, respond to emails, manage accounts, deal with people who have no interest in booking and get in touch, is part of the job of a North Zone escorts. All these efforts are taken into account when setting the price.

Sexual stigma also exacts a price

The personal life of the escorts from Caballito it often becomes very complicated, due to social prejudices. And it is that "putophobia" causes sex workers to be mistreated by many people and social sectors. Making some unable to lead a normal life.

Given these circumstances, it is reasonable that any work that brings with it greater social risks and this has a higher rate to cover any eventuality that arises.

They have high running costs

From advertising, photo shoots, makeup, clothing, to phone bills. All these factors generate necessary expenses so that escorts can provide a good service. Of course, everything has to be taken into account in the price of the escorts to cover all these elements.

Photo 2 Escort prices – 6 reasons that justify their rates

Access to the body of the escorts is valuable

Finally, the physical and emotional contact that being an escort implies is very personal, therefore its value is high. Despite being a job like any other, the service is unique and exclusive, so the fee must be a filter in compensation for all the effort involved in carrying it out.


As you have noticed, there are several reasons why the price of the escorts is high, in the end, you pay for a special service and an incredible experience. So, the best thing is not to be obsessed with the cost, but to focus on finding the companion that makes you feel that the experience has been completely worth the effort.

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