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Escorts for women – Benefits and tips for an unforgettable encounter

Nowadays, the idea that only men pay to have a good time with VIP whores from Buenos Aires has become obsolete. The reality is that there are escorts for women and for men, and you would be surprised at the number of women who hire this service!

Thinking of these women, we have prepared this post to tell you about the benefits of hiring female escorts and provide you with useful advice when hiring a beautiful escort of Federal Capital.

Benefits of a woman hiring escorts

There are many benefits that women can obtain by hiring escorts, starting with:

– You will be able to explore your sexuality with the help of an expert.

– It will be that perfect excuse to venture out to try new experiences.

– With escorts for women you can get laid safely and without compromise.

– Being with someone of the same sex could make you feel safer, cared for, sexy and appreciated.

Benefits of a woman hiring escorts

3 to hire escorts for women

Do your research first before choosing the right escort

There are various types of Escorts from Puerto Madero that offer different experiences, it is important that you make sure of what the escort you hire does and offers. Confirm that it is trustworthy and enjoys a good reputation, remember that you are looking for an intimate experience, hence the importance of researching well before choosing.

Factors that will tell you that she is the right escort for women:

– Will respond promptly to your reservation request and will treat you with professionalism during the pre-meeting process

– Will take the initiative to ask you what kind of experience you are looking for

– Will be willing to respect your limits

– He will care about your comfort and safety

Don't just give, feel comfortable receiving

Straight sex has taught us, wrongly, that all the activity is about satisfying the man and that once he ejaculates, all the action is over.

The reality is that women also need to be pleased and fully enjoy the ecstasy of sex. Therefore, when paying for an experience with North Zone escorts you will be able to have a meeting that adapts to what you want to receive and what you want to experience to feel full.

When hiring an escort for women, it is important that there is communication, therefore, you can do some things to improve your meeting:

– Indicate to your companion what you want to do with it.

– Take turns giving and receiving, focusing on caresses and pleasuring each other.

– Don't just limit yourself to intercourse; caresses, kisses and hugs are part of sex and enjoyment for both.

Consent is the key

Whatever you and the family decide to do escort from Belgrano It must be agreed by both.

This is an important aspect when hiring an escort, because many women who pay for their services refrain from saying "no" for fear of ruining the atmosphere, or because they are embarrassed to express that they do not want to do something.

Remember, you are not forced to do something you don't want to! You can always ask your partner to do something that you like and that she feels comfortable with.

hire escorts for women


Hiring escorts for women can be an extremely rewarding experience for any female. Without a doubt, it is one of those experiences that you have to live sometime.

We assure you that you will not regret it!

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