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Who I am?

Hello my love, I'm Loli 🤗
♡ Only meetings in hotels or homes
The service that I offer you is girlfriend wave with real kisses, cuddles, massages, whatever you want.
I am very affectionate, delicate and sensual. I like to dominate and also to be dominated 😈
I await your message so that we can have an incredible moment 😘


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Photo of Julietta

Experiences (16)


1 year ago

She has the same great body as the photo, she is super nice, the place is excellent and she complies with everything she proposes!!! a goddess

senior milk

1 year ago

Loli is great, very cool, very sensual, and she makes you feel good. That you can't be disappointed. 10/10!!

senior milk

1 year ago

Loli is great, very cool, very sensual. He has a good body and rhythm, he knows how to move. Besides a lot of joking, she makes you feel good: 10/10!
That you can't be disappointed.


1 year ago

She is a beautiful girl, she has the same tail as the photo, she has no retouching and she treated me wonderfully... she is very sensual, very feminine and super fine. I fell in love, I'm going back


1 year ago

I just went to see her, she's a fire, just like the photo, super real and nice, she has a very good tail and legs that make you fall in love... I was delighted, 1000/10


1 year ago

One of the escorts that is just like the photos. A beauty


1 year ago

What a sweet woman, and a genius at what she does, as well as being funny, she is a good company to talk to. I was very handle to see it again.


1 year ago

beautiful woman, a unique charisma that makes you fall in love, super nice and very horny, she gets 10 points, I fell in love with that tail


11 months ago

Loli dearest, you met each of my expectations and you exceeded them too! Beautiful curves, a sympathy that I did not expect and not to mention how horny you are. I was shocked and very crazy.
I will see you again doll you are incredibly beautiful


8 months ago

It's terrible, it makes you feel good and it's very good at oral


8 months ago

Seeing her without a mask was my fantasy and please, what a beautiful girl. He fulfilled everything we agreed upon, in love with his tail and his smile. It made me feel like we had known each other for a long time, very beautiful.


5 months ago

Her.lsa is simply beautiful and fulfills everything you ask for


4 months ago

Incredible how much fun I had, very hot weather and you are everything that is good! I had a 10/10


2 months ago

She is very pretty, but above all she has very good vibes, you have a great time!


2 months ago

Loli is very ageable….she is strong…what amazing legs…..


1 month ago

How does this asshole get on... how crazy.

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