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Who I am?

Pleasure, Energy, Sensuality, Eroticism, Complicity... Discover a new way of feeling your body with something that is much more than a simple massage. The ancient art of Tantra, a ritual to awaken the senses and the soul, enjoy it!!!

Leave all the worries of the day behind and enjoy a unique sensory experience. Relaxation, emotion, balance, soft, penetrating, enveloping maneuvers Massage menu Choose your level of disconnection. You can choose different types of massage. Californian massage Swedish Moisturizing, Decontracting, Relaxing, deep tissue (Deep Tissue) Sports (pre and post) maintenance. Lymphatic Drainage Oriental Therapies Sessions of 40, 60, 90 minutes

Free shower and minibar service (water/coca/sprite/grapefruit) Complimentary infusion.

* Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays (only scheduled hours)


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Emilyn ZN

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Experiences (56)


1 year ago

excellent massages, the rest everything is very good chat 10 points


11 months ago

I was with her in the northeast and in villa luro, I will continue to follow her, I have never received such good massages, and how many she takes you to bed, it will change you excellent


11 months ago

I went for massages, I arrived at her excellent apartment when I saw her, I asked her if we could ignore them and go directly to bed, she suggested some theantric massages, I accepted, but it only took me 10 minutes to get excited, we went to the papers, an unforgettable preview, full of kisses, a spectacular mutual oral, I got to make her horny, very wet, she asked me to penetrate her, her moans blow your mind, we took a break with a good chat, we started the second, with another excellent preview, we got back to shooting, He offered me that beautiful tail, he loves it, it finishes quickly, he asked me out, he knelt, took off my umbrella and with his delicate mouth ate it all, I swallowed it to the last drop, it's a little Peruvian like seviche, I'll be back, I won't change x none, thanks Emilyn kisses


11 months ago

Beautiful, a very pretty, intelligent and super sexual mine


10 months ago

Is incredible!! Impeccable attention

Juan Manuel

9 months ago

She is an excellent masseuse, she arrived on time at her super discretion department, she performs one of the best sensitive massages. I wanted to relax and she gave me a series of massages that gave me total relaxation.
A beautiful Peruvian lady with cinnamon skin, thin, long black hair, very sensual, she is a professional masseuse, it shows that she knows how to treat, she gave me some delicious kisses and I delighted in those divine breasts….
With what he did I was satisfied.
Definitely recommended.


9 months ago

I have never had a bad massage and decided to have a session because of intense pain in my shoulder and lower back, which had lasted 2 weeks. A professional really removed the pain with his hands hehe. Two days and dor disappeared completely. I received the proper orientations before, during and after the session. I recommend and I would return with certainty, but I hope I don't specify more hehe.
In addition to being very good professional, the relaxation was EXTRAORDINARY.
Big baby Emilyn you're wonderful.
I loved seeing you cat.


9 months ago

She never fails, she is a very good masseuse, the massages are incredible, her treatment is wonderful, and the place is spectacular.
I met both, in Flores (everything impeccable) and Nordelta, a luxury!! Now I always go to the north zone. The truth is that mine offers a level service, super attentive, quite talkative, very intelligent and too sensual.
My recommendation is that if you have time and want to have a great time, go to Zona Norte, the place is beautiful and she is more predisposed to everything...
Thank you Emilyn, you are a beautiful woman.

Adrian b.

9 months ago

It's all that's right!!! It is highly recommended and highly addictive! She does everything but everything excellent.


9 months ago

I feel privileged queen!!! Share in addition to the beautiful inexplicable tantric session!!! Being able to talk with you is beautiful, you are a super intelligent, educated mine! Thanks thanks
The drink is delicious!!!


8 months ago

Getting harder to find you emi!!!! Thanks for the nice moment! Don't send me to your colleagues anymore!! I've already tried them all! Jajjaka
I keep choosing you! Your kisses are the richest I've ever tasted!


8 months ago

Simply incredible! Beautiful apartment in Flores, everything very well maintained. She is a wonderful, pretty, fine, educated and kind person.
The massages are incredible!
The tantric that she offers is a dream. Super mega sensual!
Thank you for having me Emilyn!


7 months ago

The best of all ! Great massages! Good vibes are the most


7 months ago

Yesterday I was with this Peruvian beauty, impeccable place, she is a goddess, kind sensuality, she started with massages of excellence, she knows what she does afterwards, it produces something more, I accept, a total fire, a previous one that got us very hot, and when we went to the papers, it's a machine, 10 points I will return without a doubt


7 months ago

This woman is sensational, beautiful, sweet and kind, she has all the favorable qualities, the massages are 10/10, in private she is a warrior bitch, she does everything to you, and she warms up for an hour at full heat, 100% recommended


7 months ago

The therapist
I found her very pretty, one of those charming beauties, where not only her visual aspect stands out, but also her kindness, her attentiveness and the sweetness of her speech.
The massage
Leaving aside the therapeutic (she is an excellent masseuse)
It started in a relaxing atmosphere and gradually warmed up. I had never done nuru before and I liked the feeling.
After many kisses and whispers in my ear, she asks me to turn around... That was the climax, kisses and bites all over my body, on my nipples and that light touch on my member, which was already very hard. Then he pays the usual compliment to my organ, hahaha saying that he liked it...that it was one of those that he needed... A while later the lingam begins (a gourmet handjob, let's say). What I liked is that (at least Emily)n didn't do or say antics like: “I'm a therapist and not a whore.” To make me cum, she provoked and provoked hard, we stayed there talking dirty loudly until I screamed. with great pleasure while doing it with a mischievous face.
About the location
To clarify, the place is a luxury. Exclusive area, garage, everything level, it is very clean and organized, I didn't see underwear on the way hahaha Clean and excellent quality towels and a wonderful bathroom. I found the overall experience to be magnificent.
I would do it again very often if it weren't for the high price and the enormous demand for shifts.
But without a doubt, he is well paid for the service he provides you.

Juan Carlos

6 months ago

She is a good masseuse, a good companion, a beautiful Peruvian woman, exceptional treatment, magnificent place, it couldn't be better.
Thank you Emi for your attention.
You are a beautiful and good girl 🫶


6 months ago

The most Indian Peruvian!! Well they say they are fashionable! Hahahaha you are a beauty wherever you look at you! 💕
Be careful, don't get mad!!! It is magnificent!


6 months ago

When things are done with love and well, everything comes back to you in spades. A charming experience with great complicity with this excellent masseuse and a close, friendly and exquisite treatment. Facilities that are in line with everything else. THANK YOU


6 months ago

Without a doubt it is a great option! Good massages, nice treatment, beautiful place, good lover.


4 months ago

Excellent experience, She is a very competent professional, finally someone who has a job in Lombardy!
Amei vc


4 months ago

Not only is she an excellent masseuse, she is a true geisha!
I have never felt as good serving as I did with this woman!
The best sex of my life!
You are everything, everything that is good, brunettes, beautiful


4 months ago

She looking gorgeous, stunning and awesome!!! 🔥🔥🔥♥️


4 months ago

Excellent massage, which provides a deep well-being.
Stimulating touches and a wide variety of manual maneuvers.
Cozy and quite pleasant atmosphere.
Discounted prices for packages.
Ultimately, a wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone.
She is very tasty.


4 months ago

Perfect place😍
Massagem top
Top service
all top
Voltarei always.



3 months ago

“This was a massively intense, powerful and transformative experience that far surpassed my expectations of what I thought was possible. It was a wonderful combination of therapeutic massage that was also extremely sensual… The breathing was a vital part and you helped me let go of my inhibitions which allowed for a very deep experience… I felt a powerful flood of hot energy being released into my legs and lower body when you where applying some of the pressure points around my groin. It felt like you opened up some thing that I was unaware of that was blocked… This massage on a scale of 1 – 10 was a 20!” –Daniel

C. Hernandez

3 months ago

What a delicious woman!! Everything is luxury with her. Dream breasts! The best passionate kisses I ever received, for a moment I thought he loved me hahaha
You are the most Emilyn


3 months ago

A pleasure to meet you! The best massages! If you're cool, mommy, you'll get the best sex of your life.


3 months ago

Unique!!! The Peruvian is sexually wild! I got tremendous dust!!!!
And on top of that you get some spectacular massages! leaves you in bed


3 months ago

Wonderful experience, first time not local and I was extremely well treated from the reception. Nuru massage with delicious Emilyn was a complete experience, with a relaxing and peaceful touch!! I will return more times.


3 months ago

Due to my busy life, I never got the chance to enjoy it and my mouth was watering reading her Comments. But life surprises me and I was happy on 2/2. I contacted her. – Fast service on WhatsApp; – Direct and objective conversation; – Scheduled time On a beautiful afternoon with clear skies and scorching heat in BS AS I go to Barrio Fino. Since I arrived about 30 minutes early, I sent him a message indicating that I was already there and waiting for authorization. 5 minutes later she gave me the other details, I identified myself at reception and went to her department. She welcomed me, dressed in black lingerie and gave me a kiss on the mouth and a very nice hug. I asked to take a shower. She provided me with the necessary accessories (clean towel, soap, toothpaste), but I only used the towel...I.headed to the room...I was lying face down. My God! What a woman! What a curve! We chatted a little to break the ice before going to fight. Hahahaha…He gave me that rhythmic oral, with the right pressure. I ordered a 69 and we did it well, with its c…. warm in my mouth. Then I asked her to give me a soft blowjob. Then I got on, changed positions with her, sitting on me, having her like this is a sin, with that Whore look, those loving girlfriend kisses, and the violent shake that she gives you... .last 2 min I couldn't resist and left my heirs... After catching our breath, we went to shower together.
The Peruvian geisha is a geisha!!!
In short, she is a wonderful woman. Friendly, sweet, affectionate and very naughty in bed. He really likes what he does and is very dedicated. A true love! I am waiting for an opportunity to return and have a new experience with this woman. She is much prettier, finer and sexier in person. it was worth it!


3 months ago

Unique experience! Impeccable place. Incomparable service from the Peruvian


3 months ago

Stunningly gorgeous! 😊😍😍😍


3 months ago

Probably the best massage I have ever had!


2 months ago



2 months ago

Wonderful Peruvian!
Very nice deal, I had a wonderful time! A unique sensuality, very fixed, very rich!
I have enjoyed you in all more variants doll.


2 months ago

How happy you make me Peru!!!!! How happy you make me


2 months ago

A magician gives a massage! Parabens and what sorte do your patients. ❤️


1 month ago

Prettiest ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


1 month ago

I had my first repeat with Emi when it came to sex! THEIR MASSAGES ARE NOT DISCUSSED. The meeting was epic. She is a very compact woman and this makes her easy to position hehehe There was a lot of kissing and shenanigans; A blowjob with that look in the eyes; What a sensual woman. You can tell that she really likes oral sex, how much dedication she puts into it... What I can add that is different from the first meeting is that she likes strong sex. The stronger he was, the more he rolled his eyes. IT BLOWN MY HEAD AND if you slow down, he squeezes your neck and asks for more. (hahahaha) I have never seen someone finish so much in 1 hour. I've never been so exhausted either. It's getting harder and harder to keep up with these women!!


1 month ago

Excellent choice! Very good hands. To recognize the good service and quality of the place, she is very nice, pretty Peruvian from Tex Canela! Very sensual and open to sex! I had an amazing time


1 month ago

The best experience in years!!! Everything in luxury with the Peruvian


1 month ago



1 month ago

This shit was fire! It gave me the best pleasure in the world!

The only

1 month ago

Fantastic woman! The richest kisses


1 month ago

Now that I have you closer I'm going to melt hahaha SOS a hot vice


1 month ago

Inca Goddess!! You are the most beautiful Peru!! I love visiting her because with each encounter her attention improves.


1 month ago

Sublime experience, the department is incredible in everything; management, decoration, privacy,
hygiene, details… but the best without a doubt
Someone has been Ella, her great sincere smile and her treatment have been the great plus of this
great experience. Thank you very much Emilyn!!!
I recommend you without hesitation!

the same

1 month ago

One of the best attentions to date!!!
Massages of another level!!! Indescribable relaxation, she takes you to erotic levels never experienced by me. A beautiful and super sensual woman! You have made me very happy !!!!!


4 weeks ago

How you warm me up emi!!!
I appreciate your attention, you really are more than I expected!!! I'm quite shy but with plenty of patience and intelligence you brought out the best version of me!!
I enjoyed you a lot!!!
100% recommended, the northern area department is another level, thank you for having me Diosa!
See you soon


3 weeks ago

She is a delicious woman


3 weeks ago

Excellent massages! I had an incredible time, she makes you feel good at all times!!!
I love that Peruvian accent 😍.
Your place is amazing.
I will return without a doubt


two weeks ago

Emi is a mine from another planet!!
Good masseuse, educated, intelligent, entrepreneurial,
Labura is looking forward to how great this Peruvian is!
Fabulous place in Flores.
Everything absolutely impeccable. It is totally independent and you hardly find that today.
2 details that I highlight and congratulate
Time; I scheduled a 60 minute session (I was there for almost 1:45) and they provided me with a level of service! excellent talk, accompanied by every detail and attention.
The value ; I am super respectful about not asking too much (he charges me exactly what we had agreed upon)
A great one!
Would you recommend it?
Without hesitation!!!
Go for the tantric, you will thank me!!!


1 week ago

We made an appointment on one of those super busy and overwhelming afternoons of mine, I go to her apartment during my lunch break, her perfume is delicious, her face is beautiful, an Inca princess, outgoing and always deliciously sexy!!! Although on the third date, everything is more magical, everything fits, everything is much more pleasure, emotion and love!!
It drives me crazy hehehe
I take a shower and come back, she comes later. We are in the room, which is a beautiful place!! She kneels, now without her dress, her beautiful breasts exposed, her delicious mouth and her delicate face and her beautiful black eyes look at me...
I love you Peruvian sorceress.

No, no friends, there is no more time for massages, the explosion of kisses and lust is too strong, we lie down and love each other, her mouth is mine and my mouth is hers, her succulent breasts feed me and my tongue dances in her body as if there were no tomorrow!! I go all over her, she has a delicious orgasm, after several minutes of moans and soft sighs and having my mouth on hers again and again, we rub against each other mischievously, with an overwhelming lust, she sweetly takes my meat, she wants it , he wants it, he lets me know….with those small but mischievous lips…enveloping everything until they explode!!
I don't know what kind of witchcraft you have...but I always always want more and more from you!


5 days ago

Goddess!!! I had a great time!! Although you made me want you too much!!! You are worth it Emi!! You are the hottest thing I have ever tried 🤤 hehehehe
Thank you for everything, you have magical and soft hands! Your level of attention is second to none!
See you soon!


4 days ago

My friends, greetings!!!
Fighting against tax evasion…hehehehe

When passing through the most exclusive area of Buenos Aires I remembered this Girl.
Contact made via WhatsApp (your attention is extremely pleasant)
Scheduled appointment.
I didn't know her but something told me she would be a success.

Date and place set, I enter the apartment with incredible atmospheres!
Well located, warm and welcoming.
Nearby parking, place to eat after a good rest.
Ideal place!

I shower and go to bed to please me.
She begins an excellent massage, precise movements, she knows, she knows... and very pleasant, very good conversation, we move on to the second part of the session... that is where she rubs her body against me with incredible delicacy and sensuality.
It was so fucking hot
Very delicious oral with variations and skills not experienced so far. Has a strong desire to please and make the customer feel good.
I loved her for it!

Condom on and I was about to cum. And look, I can't stand it long enough, but the massage made me very excited.
A few more caresses and I explode!

Good chemistry, attractive and nice woman!
We had more than a good time, exchanging affection and pleasures.
I was missing a NURU just as he knows how to give it with a complement.

I was hooked, I'll have to come back!
I liked it a lot, really.

Highly recommended.
I hug everyone

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