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Who I am?

Hello, my name is Kassia, an escort girl with her own apartment and apartment in the Palermo neighborhood.

I love traveling, discovering new horizons and having the most fun with you.

I am an affectionate, educated, hygienic lady, my treatment is cool boyfriends, lots of kisses, pampering and passion.
I can accompany you to important events, I like the attentive, gentleman and respectful man who wants to know something different and magical.
Kisses and I hope to see you soon.


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Experiences (24)


8 months ago

Beautiful blonde, I was surprised, I visited her today at her apartment, she is very pretty personally I am hooked how the gods gave me massages and even fulfilled my best fetish, I loved it super recommended!


8 months ago

Excellent service, she is very fiery, she served me champagne when she received me, I felt nervous because I had never done this and she gave me a spectacular hour, with massages and an unforgettable complete service. !


8 months ago

It's the first time I've seen her published and I couldn't resist stopping by and meeting her. She has a personality that accompanies how good she is, I will always see her again. It seemed to me that for the service she gave me, she even charged me cheap $100 usd for a 22-year-old girl, it's nothing. I will see her again soon, I fell in love with this blonde.


8 months ago

I was also nervous when he opened the door for me, I met a tremendous woman, how good this asshole is and seeing her in heels, a skirt in bed, is a fire, and as another compa says, 100 dollars, nothing compared to others, I could see her 3 times now


8 months ago

I brought her to spend the weekend with me at the hotel, a skinny love, a dream the truth is a beautiful woman, she did everything from massages to the best petes of my life. I fall in love provides an excellent bridal service!


8 months ago

I brought her to spend the weekend with me at the hotel, a skinny love, a dream the truth is a beautiful woman, she did everything from massages to the best petes of my life. I fall in love provides an excellent be a


8 months ago

The asshole is prettier in person than in the photo, I'm from Paraguay and I was pleasantly surprised, she's elegant and very whore in bed, I paid her double I thought everything was very good and she even stayed to have a few drinks with me, totally divine, Every time I return to Argentina I'm going to visit it, I loved it


7 months ago

I called her and she came to see me at the hotel, very elegant, she is bilingual which made it easier for me to talk with her since I have been in Argentina for a week I dedicate myself to getting to know the world traveling I am from Hong Kong and we went out to know Buenos Aires together she showed me the city an unforgettable night it was.


7 months ago

I met her on Saturday night at her apartment, and I had a great time. I recommend the experience, for the client profile that is respectful and lives up to kassia. Simply because kassia is so much more than a beautiful and sexy woman.


6 months ago

The asshole is beautiful I invited her to the derpa and she gave me some unforgettable massages

alex lin

6 months ago

what a beautiful night it made me spend
I took her on a trip with me through Bariloche. Fabulous service provided. I recommend it for foreigners who want to tour Argentina accompanied!


6 months ago

A beautiful blonde girl with light eyes and a beautiful natural waistband, she is perfect, she gave me an unforgettable pool dance show. I would take her with me to the US.


6 months ago

I visited her at her apartment last night, she gave me the best service they gave me this year, she sucks it like no one else,


6 months ago

I really liked how fiery and sexy she is, she took care of me in her apartment, we smoked, she gave me massages, and she fucked me very well, she's a sweetheart.


6 months ago

Sie ist sinnlich, elegant, fine, intelligent, spricht Deutsch, ich begleite mich zu einem Arbeitstreffen und ich habe sie einen ganzen Tag eingestellt, unvergessliche Frau, ich war fasziniert.


5 months ago

Very good escort, I invited her to a wedding, she pretended to be my spectacular girlfriend and once at home she is incredibly cogibe


5 months ago

The stupid girl is a doll in person


4 months ago

I visited her last night at her apartment, she is just like the photos, she is very bitchy in bed, she gives it her all, she gave me a dance show since it was my farewell, I had a great time, I highly recommend it!


3 months ago

She came to my hotel and she is much prettier personally, I loved the girl, I will choose her again, she left me in love, she is very sweet, she has a lot of fire to serve you with many wet and very intense kisses,


3 months ago

We spent many days looking for a girl to add to the trio, we chose her, she is beautiful, my girlfriend was delighted with how she sucked him off, she is very good, she understood everything without us telling her anything, we loved the body she has and her way of being , we smoked, we drank some champagne and the night went by too quickly so we will choose it again soon,

Pablo CL

2 months ago

Magnificent, elegant and intelligent. If its value rises 3 times over time, I wouldn't be surprised, since it's worth every fucking dollar. The attention is 10/10. You even feel that you connect with her in bed and that she is totally devoted to the moment. Her legs are from another planet.


2 months ago

Spectacular woman 1.75 and a figure of heart attack attentive from the moment she goes to your apartment we start talking to get to know each other and then in bed a beast this woman makes you feel true pleasure and in the end she relaxes you with some spectacular massages on my list Agenda on my return to Buenos Aires is to eat again and repeat Kassia.


1 month ago



two weeks ago

The most sensual, fun, attractive and hypnotizing thing there is

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