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Picture of Aisha MVP

Who I am?

Hello sweetheart, I'm Aisha MVP, a brunette with super fiery skin. 🔥

With me you will receive the treatment of your dreams according to your tastes, I can be the sweetest 🍬or the bitchiest if you prefer me dominatrix mode 😈
I have my own apartment. I do the best partuzas and trios with friends VIP service😼
My super rich vagina, ready to get it all wet, I make sure you enjoy the best oral sex.
I do erotic massages with oils and soy candles 🪔
The treatment that every gentleman deserves to be satisfied, relaxed and above all happy 🥰


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Aisha MVP

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Photo by Zalma ZS

Experiences (27)


9 months ago

That princess left me speechless, she has a small and delicate body and a face that you can see is sucking everything in.


9 months ago

I tell my xp with Aisha and her friend in a threesome. They welcomed me with champagne, flowers, lingerie 😈😈 the two super sluts, one grabbed my dick and the other sat on my face while they kissed on top of me, everything else was crazy, that's the slightest thing haha they never treated me so good


9 months ago

The best blowjob of my life 😍 I saw the sky with that deep throat


9 months ago

She has the best tits so big, soft, soft and rich. The poses are incredible, how she moves while you are fucking her, she sees you with that whore face. I left for an hour and ended up staying 2 🥲that vagina is so tight and fleshy if it had been up to me I would put it in her all day


9 months ago

A total goddess. She is beautiful, and her attitude is first class, super nice. Everything first class. Highly recommended!!


9 months ago

Aisha is the best. She fucks incredible and on top of that she's cool and fun. Guaranteed pleasure.


8 months ago

I was fascinated by that queen, I hadn't had such a hot encounter in a thousand years and then she gave me some massages that left me feeling new.

Juan David

8 months ago

Their bride and groom service is unique!! She greeted me with champagne and super sexy lingerie. I suck it like no one else


8 months ago

How I loved this woman by God! On the one hand, she's beautiful and super nice, on the other, it's the most porn experience I've ever had. It has a unique energy that does not stop. A perfect little body. Nothing richer than hearing her moan with pleasure. I remember and I go crazy. To return a thousand times.


8 months ago

She is beautiful no matter how you look at her, the best lover, perfect in every sense, super nice and fun, the best kisses to fall in love with


7 months ago

The incredible divine pass .. bad bomb !!!!! excellent massages and sex from another world. I recommend .. in my case it was in a hotel at my request .. a thousand greetings


6 months ago

Very good body and that face while it is in action you can't imagine!! It has me coming back every week looking for what I didn't lose 😛


6 months ago

Beautiful little girl with a nice face and big breasts. It's worth every penny... plus it does oral very well. Beautiful deep throat


6 months ago

A lot of foreplay, she gives orals that leave you blown away, a lot of saliva, very wet, a beautiful Caribbean girl 🤩


6 months ago

Beautiful everything was Perfect 😍 thank you


5 months ago

By saying tremendous I fall short, it drives you crazy from the first minute
It is clear that he loves what he does and that is why he does it perfectly.
Just saying that while I was bathing to retire he got in and continued warming me up is saying it all, he doesn't stop and I love that!!


5 months ago

It fulfilled a fantasy that I had for quite some time and the service was top quality. Some massages that leave you renewed again!! A silk came out after our date 😍 I already scheduled an appointment again as soon as we finished, she is so affectionate and sensual


5 months ago

I told you I was going to leave a comment like I promised princess. The best meeting to get out of stress and routine, I felt rejuvenated with this goddess


5 months ago

Incredible sex and amazing deep throat blowjob


4 months ago

A hottie and a heart-stopping body, to fuck her all day and I was very comfortable in her apartment. A lot of attention in that service, I have never met another like it.


4 months ago

An excellent service goddess. To repeat


3 months ago

Beautiful 100% recommended!! 😃

Dario A

3 months ago

The perfect bride . The treatment is unique, you have to let yourself be carried away by his sensuality and fiery kisses. I had the time of my life, it's a totally premium service


3 months ago

I leave my review because it is one of the best encounters I had in my life 😍 beautiful in person I was delighted with her perfect smile
It doesn't watch you
Comfortable apartment and she is attentive to everything
Tremendous brunette, a dream is worth every usd


3 months ago

She has a vibe and a friendliness that I have never seen in any girl before, she left me in love, she has a very sweet treatment... I am waiting for something to toast, her WhatsApp is very discreet Ideal for not complicating any commitment; In bed it left me speechless, a luxury left me fascinated
Greetings, if you publish my comment, thank you for the space


3 months ago

It is in my top 3 escorts in CABA, the unique attention and sexually, a skin that drives me crazy, the best oral of my life that brunette gave me, I would stay to live inside that body if it were possible. Rich tight met beyond my expectations


1 month ago

My favorite, a beauty brightens my days...Wild and sweet, she always waits for me with different sexy lingerie, she has a very open mind when it comes to sex, I have a great time like in a porn

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