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Who I am?

Hello! I am Delfina, a sweet, friendly lady, with fine and exuberant features. I remain aesthetically impeccable, I am a lover of feminine seduction.

Our meeting will be unique, particular and unrepeatable. My main objective in this profession is to provide you with a quality experience, full of pleasure and care. Includes passionate kisses and boyfriend caresses as well. Relaxing massages, enjoying skin to skin.

Discretion is a fundamental pillar in my services, which guarantees your total comfort and confidentiality.

I'll wait for you darling 😘😍


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Experiences (19)


1 month ago

A bomb the tucu. I fell in love


1 month ago

Excellent...treatment...and very good attention... highly recommended... apart from that she is divine!!!...very beautiful and sexy...


1 month ago

I was totally in love. Very good service, beautiful woman, loving and totally willing to please


1 month ago

What a beautiful woman Delfina, she is an angel


1 month ago

A queen. Massage, luxury oral, a body more beautiful than in the photos and a very pretty face. You're still fine Beautiful!


1 month ago

Yesterday I made an appointment because I was very curious to meet her and I was impressed with the kindness of this girl apart from being Beautiful and in bed a 10 I will return every week without a doubt


1 month ago

Woman's charm, incredible good treatment although I don't speak much Spanish very good sex, delicate morbid sweet and a very fine girl I recommend Delfina !! And a good oral


1 month ago

Very nice girl, nice and at the time of the event very fiery


1 month ago

A dream of a beautiful woman, better than in the photos, I became addicted to her Unique skin
And a super sweet and fun treatment.
Number 1 would return a thousand times without a doubt


1 month ago

She is a super woman, kind and affectionate with her clients. I loved her way of being, you will fall in love with her talks 🥰


1 month ago

I loved this exciting hot fiery woman who turns you on just by talking and a star body recommended the service


1 month ago

She is a true woman of luxury, there is no other like her here on the page who is beautiful with a nice body, a very kind and attentive personality, she is high class in every way and very delicate, as soon as you arrive at your apartment, the aroma greets you very sexy. The one he has is delicious and the one in his apartment is also very nice. I loved being with her, the truth is she is unique


1 month ago

A real princess, unique experience


1 month ago

Ariel is a spectacular woman. Very beautiful, and with a divine vibe. It was a total pleasure to be with her and obviously I will be back many times. She is a luxury, a total queen


1 month ago

Delfina Beautiful woman, I loved her service.. I will return for more pampering Beauty. A ten


4 weeks ago

Beautiful Delfi. I don't know if they were wrong. He has the best vibe.


3 weeks ago

Tucu is a Goddess through and through, friendly, warm, sweetheart, she takes you gently, in bed she is an airplane, I will return!


two weeks ago

Delfi is unique, I can't explain the kisses this lady gives you, she is wonderful, a fire. Anyway I'll be back


4 days ago

K Beautiful woman, super sexy, she loves to speed up everything. Her ass was crazy about places. I had an oral deli until it finally dropped in his delicious mouth, he loved it. The black kisses, that tongue is deep in my ass. Ugh, I've been doing that for a long time. She likes it. She is crazy about everything. The showers together you have why this girl loves her job, it's worth the money

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