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Rejecting a customer – How to do it correctly and why

Although it is not very common, the truth is that the Argentine whores They are within their rights to reject a client. And it is that many do not know that rejection is very common within the prostitution industry, why? Well, there are a number of reasons that justify it.

In this article we want to explain why and how to reject a client in a friendly way so that he does not feel offended.

Why turn down a client?

The reasons for rejecting a client can be of an objective nature, but also personal. However, here we will talk about 4 main reasons why many escorts from Puerto Madero They reject a customer.


This is an essential component, after all it is an intimate act. As VIP escort in Buenos Aires, you want to make sure that your client smells nice, looks clean, and that their clothes look just as neat.

This is important because if from the beginning there are bad signs of hygiene, probably in private you will find worse things.

If when you are alone you don't like his breath, his smell, if he has dirty nails or smelly armpits, try to seduce him to put him in the shower; If he refuses, end the date by politely turning him down.

Photo 1 Turning down a client – How to do it correctly and why

awkward requests

At this point it is essential that VIP escort from Capital Federal have a list of services This will help you save bad experiences with clients who are looking for you to perform an act that is uncomfortable for you and that you are not willing to perform.

It is important to warn you that there are clients who will not pay attention to said list and who will try to convince you to give in to their request. In such a scenario, it is entirely justifiable for you to refuse; so you could try offering him something that you do do, although if he becomes too insistent, you can gently reject the client and if necessary, leave the meeting.

Red flag

The North Zone companions they know that in their work it is extremely valuable to have a good reputation and their safety. This is why they must do a security check on their customers.

So, if during the meeting you come across a red flag at the date, such as a history of violence and/or criminal charges, not positive comments from other escorts or lies that he has been telling you, it is best that do not hesitate to reject the client politely and decide to book with another.

rude customer

If from the telephone contact to agree on the reservation the client is rude, an indication that it is difficult to deal with is already being presented.

The best thing you can do is stay away from customers who are rude, dismissive, or have a negative attitude when booking. Undoubtedly, these are problematic people.

On the other hand, in case you have previously had an experience with a rude client, do not receive it again thinking that it has changed, surely it will not be the case. So don't be afraid to reject the client and add them to your blacklist so that other Belgrano escorts be prevented.

Photo 2 Turning down a client – How to do it correctly and why

How to reject a client?

– If the client is friendly and open, gently explain the reason for your rejection.

– Stay firm and strong when rejecting a client.

– Don't forget to keep a friendly tone.

– If you are looking to avoid a client, do not ignore their calls; attend to him and tell him that you are busy or that you no longer provide the service he expects.

– If the client is rude and insistent, cut off communication with him.


Rejecting a client can be common and understandable according to the reasons that we have indicated before. The important thing is that you always do it with respect.

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