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Regular customer – How to keep high class customers?

The goal of many argentinian escorts is to promote yourself as something more than a girl to spend a night of pleasure. It is about achieving a position as a high class escort; capable of providing intimate, fun and unforgettable experiences that invite that person to become a regular customer.

If your intention as companions is to improve your service and maintain a wide portfolio of frequent customers. We will give you some tips that will be especially useful for you.

So take note!

What to do to get a high-profile regular client?

Dress according to the situation

A VIP whore in Buenos Aires You can't dress in an outfit that's too flashy or inappropriate for the occasion if you're looking to hook a regular customer. This is why you must know and respect the dress code of the event to which you will go with that person.

Although it is true that dark colors are usually the safest option, you can also opt for light colors as long as the garment is moderate and discreet.

Photo 1 Regular Client – How to keep high class clients?

Arrive early

Make sure you know the exact address of where you will meet the client, as well as the route you will be taking to get to your appointment ahead of time.

If you arrive earlier, you will have much more time to get ready, put on makeup and look divine as escort of Federal Capital. Remember that your goal is to charm who you want to become a regular customer.

Be optimistic

There is nothing more disappointing than a North Zone escort to be bitter, pessimistic or nervous. If you really want the person who hires you to become a regular client, you must look relaxed, pleasant, smiling, self-assured, optimistic, eager to talk and have fun with the client.

keep up the education

This isn't limited to just being charming and polite to the client, you should also be polite to everyone around them. This is very important, as it will allow him to see how nice you can be to everyone. In turn, it will let your client know that you are the ideal companion for parties or formal events.

In this way, you will get them to hire you as Recoleta VIP escort and secure him as a regular customer.

compliment him

Causing a good impression is essential, do not be shy when complimenting that person you want to be your regular customer, this can make you feel very good.

Also, it's important that you highlight how much you appreciate the effort they've put into planning their entire meeting.

A light and fun conversation

Many high class clients want their Belgrano VIP escort provide you with a nice conversation that allows you to unplug and de-stress.

You should avoid touching on very deep topics, unless the potential regular customer tells you otherwise.

Photo 2 Regular Client – How to keep high class clients?

Don't forget to have confidence in yourself

One of the most attractive things in a woman is that she is sure of herself!

So when meeting with an important client, it is especially important that you show confidence; that you be able to look him in the eye with total security and some mischief.

This will make you look even sexier and increase the chances that the guy will later become a regular customer.


Making a client visit you frequently is not that complicated. It is enough to put into practice the advice that we have left for you and you will see that the results will be very satisfactory, almost immediate!

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