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1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


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Who I am?

Hello, my name is Azul 💙 I am 25 years old, I am a very sensual masseuse in the Recoleta neighborhood, I perform decontracting and relaxing massages.

The service includes comprehensive massages on oriental tatami or stretcher. It is an exclusive space for your well-being with sounds and aromas that envelop the senses.

I wait for you to live a relaxing and unique experience!

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xp blue

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Experiences (15)


1 year ago

A total layer, it made me feel very good since it makes you cool, has a lot of patience and good communication. If you read this, thanks again!


1 year ago

Excellent! Super friendly, everything clean and she's super cool.


1 year ago

Super recommended, there is no way not to enjoy the moment. Don't worry, she is attentive, entertaining, nice and identical to the photos.


1 year ago

she makes you feel comfortable, treats you sweetly, and is beautiful. I recommend it 100%!!


1 year ago

she is beautiful, attentive and sweet, her hands are magical. I recommend it 100%


1 year ago

I wake up thinking if I'm going to see you today...
But it's useless to deny it, you're getting me again… she's so adorable ❤.


9 months ago

It's different, how being with someone you know makes a lot of super cute caring. You can speak with confidence. Good time


9 months ago

Good vibes, friendly, attentive. Super recommended. Recommended


9 months ago

Excellent service, very sweet and sensual. He has a very good disposition, makes you feel comfortable and generates empathy.


9 months ago

The truth is I never went to a massage like this, everything was incredible, totally beautiful Azul, unique hands, she makes you feel 100 points and she is extremely beautiful!! It is an experience that no one should miss meeting her, 100 x 100 affectionate and 1000 points in person attention. Total goddess!!! Of course I will repeat the adventure


9 months ago

It's incredible, a unique beauty!! The best massages and attention as a person 1000 points!! AZUL you are beautiful in every way, of course I will return and recommendation 100 x 100!


9 months ago

Be careful, fell in love guys, I saw her first 😁🤣🤣🤣😍😍 she is a cloudless sky.


8 months ago

Body of a Renaissance model, face of Aphrodite, enter your numen with its tiny feet like a golden Pablova, there is nothing that compares with the superb beating of those hair that hangs long like a glorious cloak, you seem from another Blue era, one without evil or deformed things, created just for you, far away on a green hill in a remote instant of time, with the earth and the sky and the water remade like a chest of gold for your image in everyone's dreams, which makes a rose will sprout in the depths of his heart every time you wave the face of Apollo over the crowds. Unique, unique, unique, unforgettable, you only need to see it once to fall under its intoxicating spell.


7 months ago

She is beautiful, she is very charismatic, her body is like a model and it makes it difficult not to fall in love haha. Excellent service.


1 month ago

She is a very sweet, delicate beautiful woman. He made me feel so comfortable from the first moment. Your apartment is impeccably clean, highly recommended.

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