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Who I am?

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Experiences (11)


1 year ago

Yesterday I visited her and she is terrible the pendex we talked a lot she has skin and very rich kisses I loved it


1 year ago

What a cute little one, a fascinated bb's face, a very good oral and natural body, few left !!!!!


9 months ago

Selene precious a face and body of a girl all small and gives kisses with tongue


8 months ago

Last night I visited Selene, I'm more of a 200 category searcher but I wanted to try her since she's the type of body I'm looking for and I really liked what she offered. I was coming back from a trip, I thought she wasn't going to wait. because it was late but she waited for me...she greeted me with a black dress and some heels. She has beautiful long hair and a baby face we chatted very little because from the moment I entered until the moment I left I did not stop kissing her she is divine and very helpful I want to return to get to know her more


7 months ago

Nice skin with great blowjob skills. She took my huge cock well which is impressive for a girl her size. Definitely my go to girl for BA!


7 months ago

Very very pretty. He covers his face in the photos but it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. A baby. Excellent service for being so new, she doesn't say no to anything and enjoys herself. A little shy but very nice and recommended.


6 months ago

She is a baby. I love her manner, her way of being so innocent and shy, this girl makes me very morbid, very nice clean apartment and good shower


5 months ago

Ohh I was shocked, just like the photos and very nice 100% recommended


2 months ago

I had a threesome with her and a friend who are the same!! It was like being like twins, we drank a bayless and had 2 deep hours of pleasure. Having those two beauties on top of me was something unforgettable, I recommend the best trio by far


1 month ago

A baby's face is beautiful, I go down to open it and it already warmed me up!! I like it when they are helpful and don't say no to anything!! How would Francella say if she is a girl?


1 month ago

I really like this style of girl and it's hard to find one that is totally natural, natural breasts, small waist, natural lips. Her apartment in Recoleta is very nice. I really liked it, Selene, I loved meeting you!!

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