Argentinaxp.com IS NOT AN ESCORT AGENCY. There is NO participation, profit, royalties, prizes, or any other form of economic compensation for the meetings that an escort or professional masseuse has or could have independently.

Argentinaxp.com does not have ANY economic, contractual or work relationship with the escorts and/or masseuses and is not even aware of the meetings that they carry out or could carry out.

Argentinaxp.com DOES NOT KNOW, CANNOT KNOW, NOR IS IT INTERESTED, if an escort or masseuse has an appointment or stops having it. It is not the intention of the company to participate in any way in its affairs, nor does the company adequate or speculate with the publication prices based on the success that the escort or masseuse could have, for this reason.

Argentinaxp.com DOES NOT ORGANIZE, DOES NOT ENTHUSIAST, DOES NOT PROMOTE, nor does it do advertising campaigns for escorts/masseurs to travel from Argentina to other countries following commercial lines that may or may not be more favorable.

Argentinaxp.com DOES NOT ORGANIZE TRAVELS, PROMOTIONS, MIGRATION, Etc. of the companions. THIS IS A CRIME related to several articles of our Criminal Code and Complementary Laws and our work is totally legal, transparent and only pretends to be a website of ADVERTISING NOTICES that voluntarily and independently add companions or masseurs of legal age.

We are also NOT dedicated to enthusing anyone to become an escort or masseuse.

Our activity is focused on keeping online the hosting, the design, the accuracy of the data provided by each advertiser and keeping all your personal data safe so that when that advertiser wants to stop doing so, they can do so immediately.

Each advertiser must be of legal age for their intention to publish on our site to be received.

Verified Photos

ArgXP determines and ensures that the person reflected in the ad is the same natural person. ArgXP reaches this conclusion after a process of visual comparison of the photographs, a video and the identity document of the advertiser.

However, please note that ArgXP cannot guarantee that:

(a) Who is reflected in the images is the same person who appears for an appointment agreed between an advertiser and you.
(b) The information provided in the advertisement, including the name of the advertiser, is accurate or truthful. ArgXP only verifies that the published photos correspond to the advertising natural person.

Any questions that there may be in this regard or extension by mail to [email protected]