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Who I am?

⚜️Natt vip Higher level! ⚜️Ideal for demanding men, who are looking for a date with a different, beautiful and identical woman to the photos. Angelic face, lush body, bridal style and I am a delicate woman, long black hair. I will make your time with me unique and unforgettable, I am very educated and I like to talk about everything. Obviously so that everything flows well. Come meet me and we will make your time unique and unforgettable🥂


Photo by Rebecca

Natt Vip

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Photo by Natu

Experiences (25)


4 months ago

The truck is back!!!! Natt thanks for coming back


4 months ago

Charming woman Natasha you return and leave for Brazil 🔥🔥 you return beautiful and fine


4 months ago

I'm going to leave you the information about this beautiful woman.
I've seen it several times and it's my best choice!!
Always !!
Charming, enlargeable, divine, she is much prettier in person and without Makeup
Sex is a monument people
He is worth more than what he charges, but because of his attitude and always
Impeccable predisposition!!
I recommend it gentlemen


4 months ago

Spending the night with her is amazing!!! I'll be back on the next trip without hesitation nat


4 months ago

Natt is incredible, in person he is much more exuberant and the vibe he has melts you.

It was my first time with this girl and the truth is that I plan to return!


4 months ago

Amazing Natt is back!! And more beautiful than ever
We had a date, dinner and sex, she always accompanies me and the truth is I would choose her again without a doubt!
She is very pretty, her face is everything!
Thanks Natt.
100 % is the one in the photos and even prettier.


3 months ago

I saw her last night impeccable and a woman everywhere you look at her is personally prettier than everything you see here, natt sex is crazy stuff
Very satisfied with all their service and the fundamental thing is not mechanics!!! I will return on my next trip nat

James and Clara

3 months ago

We want to leave this unique experience with Natt! ! to which I had a fantasy of being with one more girl and she was the one, we had a spectacular time, she was super beautiful and answered and put everything together in our apartment, a complete professional, the truth is that I leave it on remember that she is the one in the photo and more!! She knew how to handle the situation and the important thing about all this was that she was on time, she stayed longer because she won it and beyond that we had a great time hahaha the 3 of us this was an unforgettable trip thank you beautiful


3 months ago

With us we have a trio with her friend Kym, both of them are very pretty, well-educated and in the classroom, we will see my hotel work with total discretion, or sex with them in a luxurious way, they will make you see the stars when you return to Buenos Aires again visit-las sem duvida


3 months ago

Excellent woman caught my attention because of her photos in which I contacted her by WhatsApp everything went very well I arrived at the hotel where I was staying since I am a foreigner visiting this beautiful country the doorbell rang I opened the door and just like the same girl in the photos and much better 10000000 I recommend it guys 100!!!!


3 months ago

What can I say about this beautiful woman, if in photos and videos she is beautiful, in person she is much more so!!! Tall, elegant, cultured, fine, educated, attentive, super pretty and having sex with her is crazy and an experience of which They will never be forgotten and Natt will surely be your addiction!!!
It's worth every peso/dollar invested in her, her body is hand carved, she's super perfect and those fleshy lips... x God, you touch the sky with your hands!!!
But why detail everything??? go see it, you won't regret it and soon you will want to visit it again...!!!


2 months ago

Hello, I'm telling you about my experience with this woman!!
Really better than the photos and her age doesn't make her look incredible, her body is terrible.
Of all the milfs, the best cared for in all aspects, friendly and most importantly!!!! Guys don't rush you and your service is excellent!!!! Very comfortable place a 10!!!
Natt you are something that no longer exists!! I will be back

[email protected]

2 months ago

Natt is a beautiful captivating woman, she provided me with a luxury service with the lady, we agreed on the appointment with prior reservation and she fulfilled everything promised, she left me dazzled because beyond the fact that she is a very sensual and fiery woman, she has an intelligence and presence that blows the mind of any man who meets her. Thank you very much brunette, you are one of the few who are worth 300 greens.
See you soon


2 months ago

One of my best experiences without a doubt!! A terrible brunette
It's her and prettier, this woman's skin is impeccable throughout, she doesn't look like she's 41, a very pretty face and not to mention much less personally. I'll be back Naty.
I recommend it 💯


2 months ago

I am a Colombian tourist, I couldn't leave Argentina without meeting her, I travel the world and I needed to try an Argentinian woman, it seems that she is so good and how delicious Natt is.
I will see her again on my next business trip.


2 months ago

A vice !!!


1 month ago

Exit !!
I came to Argentina for a trip and it was my best investment, every USD.
I will be back Naty


1 month ago

Everything perfect, super recommended
She is the truly prettiest brunette I ever saw, her face and back, I couldn't believe her age, her attitude and friendliness is a luxury.
I will be back it is the best XP!!!!!!!!!


1 month ago

Excellent service, it is being neglected but it is still very beautiful


3 weeks ago



two weeks ago

Incredible woman sucks you off with that face and on all fours in a monument!! I will be back


two weeks ago

Without words this bomb!!


1 week ago

Very cool and cute! It was better before...


3 days ago

I arranged the meeting with her, excellent punctual service, we met at a hotel, it was the relaxation of my week and I will repeat it.
Beautiful brunette

Christian pagan

3 days ago

Very beautiful, excellent company, she came to my hotel, very correct, we had dinner and we had a wonderful night, she is a beautiful Argentinian brunette

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