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Who I am?

Hello, I'm Nati! I am a professional masseuse, I perform relaxing, relaxing and sedative massages in my exclusive space for your well-being with sounds and aromas that envelop your senses.

I'll wait for you in my super discreet, comfortable and disinfected office to have an excellent time.


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Natalia Xp

He is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (22)


1 year ago

Today I was with her, super professional, very good vibes and excellent attention
Highly recommended, I will definitely be back


1 year ago

Yesterday I was with her, the truth is she is a sensational woman, she is beautiful, nice, she puts the wave on her and her attention is excellent, without a doubt, the best thing I have tried, literally, I love the kind of woman she is, I highly recommend her


1 year ago

Yesterday I went for a massage session and the truth is she is a wonderful woman, she takes good care of you, she is nice, beautiful, she gives you all the attention in the world, she makes you feel calm and relaxed and she knows how to please you, she has everything a man likes, she is very cool and works wonders with your hands, I highly recommend it


1 year ago

Another detail that I forgot after the erotic massages she bathes you in the shower


1 year ago

Beautiful woman, very nice and very attentive. without a doubt I will return


1 year ago

Beautiful, cool and an ass from another planet.
the best by far


1 year ago

The cutest tail, the sweetest heart, a perfect combination 💫


11 months ago

She is one of the best masseuses she makes your skin speak for itself she is warmer and softer she makes your body tremble and relax by itself she is the best without a doubt


11 months ago

The Karina J. clone gives you the best price-quality ratio on the market.
Get to know her… I leave it to your discretion


10 months ago

It is excellent, totally relaxing, a marvelous woman and person. Recommended if you want to forget about yourself or the world. It transports you and makes you feel like a king!


10 months ago

I just spent today with this woman, and I must say that I met a very sweet and affectionate person. He is waiting for you to have a good time at all times. And then she has an incredible physique, beautiful breasts, a better tail than many idiots, as well as having very soft skin. Sexually a fire. Naty, if you read this, I am more than grateful for the moment you put me through. I hope to see you again.


10 months ago

I had a great time, the best vibes in a very nice space. Super professional, he knows how to treat you very well. It is beautiful, enjoyable 100%. A layer. I'll be back very soon. Excellent.


10 months ago

Beautiful and nice. Just like the photos. He has the best vibes and makes you feel very comfortable
It leaves you new, highly recommended


5 months ago

Nati is the most beautiful woman I know and an incredible person. One always returns to the old places where one loved life, and I always return to see it.


5 months ago

Natalia is an indescribable being. She combines her natural beauty with limitless kindness, patience and tenderness. His passion is contagious. In my experience it seemed like I was sharing a dream. But it was a tremendous reality!
Natalia amalgamates those qualities that make her unique.


5 months ago

Natalia is the most
It is the
Mina, you want to do it every day
Is a goddess
A neighborhood girl who knows how to treat you


5 months ago

Very good vibes, impeccable. Her body is divine, her good vibes and grace, everything.
so that you feel cared for, good aroma, total delivery, I had a great time, I write because it deserves it! Take advantage of the fact that there are fewer and fewer women like that!


5 months ago

What to say about Natalia, a geisha with all the letters
It is the typical forty-something mine that turns you on and you want to fuck it every day
You can tell that she has experience, she is very cool and she takes you to total ecstasy.

Hey Arnold

4 months ago

Adorable creature, from the cool, the good talk, the massages and the good sex.

Spanish in BA

2 months ago

Nati is incredible, a 5-star woman, super educated, kind, loving, she makes you feel like you've known her your whole life. She has a killer body, super soft skin and knows how to make you enjoy. To repeat with her a thousand times. Thank you Nati, you are the most


4 weeks ago

Nati is an incredible person and a beautiful woman. I don't know what they expect to visit it.


two weeks ago

For me, Fridays are the best day of the week and today I proved it.
I met eat Morocha, very pretty, with a lot of spark, she made me laugh a lot and at the same time, she gave me massages that transported me to another place.
What came next was even better, a pleasure to meet you Nati!!!

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