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Who I am?

Love how are you? I tell you that I am in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood, serving in my level Department, a super exclusive place so that you feel super comfortable.
My service is super complete, I will be your ideal girlfriend, your best lover!
I love my job, so I assure you that we are going to enjoy a moment together where we are going to fulfill many fantasies.
If you prefer that I be the one who visits you, do not hesitate to contact me.

With mobility, I can get to the hotel or place where you are staying.


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Experiences (11)


2 months ago

She is an incredible woman, a real bomb! I will be back very soon because I can't get it out of my head while I hit it in 4


2 months ago

The truth is I knew her as Zoe. I had lost contact, you finally came back. A babe, a girlfriend, a porn bitch all in the same woman.
The best oral of my life.
Excellent service and excellent place that serves a luxury no matter how you look at it.


2 months ago

Hello, I appreciate the experience I had with my partner “Pao”, you and I, it was great and my first experience in this way of making love.


2 months ago

My husband and I called this girl. Lots of experience, excellent service. Very nice, everything relaxed. The truth is we love threesomes and with her it was the best in a long time. Just like the photos, very beautiful and soft, the skin I loved


2 months ago

What a good choice with this beautiful escort. I invited her to spend the night with me and she gave me very passionate sex. I hope to wake up together and have a morning brother. Like what happened tonight, my stay was enviable.


2 months ago

I want to take her with me, her figure and sex are great.


2 months ago

A totally incredible woman, body and face as beautiful as the photos. I have never been with a woman with such a body. It turned me on so much that I finished in 15 minutes. Clearly I'm going to get back together with her.


2 months ago

A love of a very pretty and beautiful woman


2 months ago

This beauty changed her photos but there was no need, she is the number 1 passionate sex and two great participations in that beautiful body, it is incredible


3 weeks ago

Good, pretty and passionate donnasiper with very complete service and not to mention when she delivers that line, it makes you go crazy and you will never forget it. Give him what he likes most


3 days ago

I was with this veteran “what a truck” it made my head spin, she looked like a 20 year old asshole in bed!! What a beast. He gave me free participation and I have had 3 incredible fucks, catalog above me, in four he asked me to go deeper, great. The first oral procedure took my milk out in 2 minutes. What more could you want!!! Well, I won with the queue, which is a monument, but with an additional one, the next one will be my goal. Not much for a 23-year-old asshole!! And I'm going for more, I don't want to lose this beast. And not to mention the breasts, I ate them all. I continue after the next bay bay meeting

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