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Who I am?

Hello love, my name is Katherine, I am a beautiful escort and very sweet, feminine companion with silky and elegant skin. I love giving special treatment to my clients. I am willing to fulfill your fantasies and make you live unforgettable moments. With me you will live a luxury date with unparalleled treatment as a couple. I go out to events and dinners. If you are a gentleman, educated, with good manners and you are looking for a fine, fiery companion who treats you with love and sweetness, do not hesitate to contact me.

I offer you a conventional service different from the rest. I go to Hotels and Homes per hour 100 USD or in pesos at the Blue dollar value in cash plus travel expenses.

I'll wait for you to meet us!!❤️🔥


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Experiences (6)


1 year ago

It is a charming woman!
I want to leave my experience with her, the best, very cool, she took care of me out of ten and a fire in bed 🫠
I will return without a doubt I send you a sweet kiss!! ❤️


10 months ago

Kathe, how nice it was to meet you I leave my experience with her on time, very nice and she is more beautiful personally and we will surely see each other again ..❤️


4 months ago

She is tremendous, I loved meeting her, I left a sign and we met at the hotel, very nice!!!


3 months ago

10 out of 10 she is an incredible woman


2 months ago

Hello Kathe, what a pleasure to meet you, very nice meeting!!!
You are beautiful 🌹


4 weeks ago

She is an excellent woman, the treatment is spectacular, she treated me like a dime, I left her an extra gift for the attention she is magnificent 🤩😈

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