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Who I am?

I am a super given, feminine, sexy and mischievous girl 😏 I go to the hotel or in my apartment.

Talk to me, it's a pleasure to meet you... we'll have a great time...


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Experiences (13)


1 year ago

I had the pleasure of being with her and a friend of hers at the same time, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I almost forgot about the other girl when I saw Danita. An incredible body, a beautiful, nice, cool, sensual face. One of the best experiences I had in my life. I will return again and again as long as I have the budget.


10 months ago

It is a fireworks festival. A phenomenon.


9 months ago

Beautiful woman had an incredible time, we had very good sex and beautiful conversations


9 months ago

I had a beautiful time, highly recommended, the best sex and the best talks


9 months ago

I had the pleasure of being with her in 2 meetings in hotels and the truth was it was incredible, she made me feel very comfortable, it was being with an incredible person, very nice and it seemed that we were lovers for a long time, very affectionate and a good lover, passionate kisses and good cool sex boyfriends, I'm going back for the third time and I don't regret it


7 months ago

Without words, the best thing that could have happened to me was meeting Dani!!!, very good sex and Daniela was phenomenal in every way, I will be back soon, love Nando


6 months ago



5 months ago

Danielle is a professional with great skills, oral and virginal. She is a magician in bed and will make you so happy that you came to Argentina. You may never leave and miss a lot of your tango dance classes to be with her.


4 months ago

After my first experience with Danita and her friend, I was alone with her two more times and it gets better each time.
It's hard to explain how eager she is to everything, how nice she is, how well she fucks you, gives you oral, turns you on, chats with you, eats your mouth like the best girlfriend you've ever had in your life.
Add to all that how incredible he is physically and how professional he is when it comes to dressing and grooming himself.
As I told her the last two times, every time I can I will come back.


2 months ago

Today in the afternoon I went to visit her, I had a great time, my first experience in the field after a long time, friendly, sweet, recommended 100%, I will return.,


2 months ago

A genius, very kind, sweet, I had a very, very good time, more than I expected, I will return, without a doubt, we understood each other perfectly, it was my first time in the field, and she made it really pleasant. He has a great back, a divine smile, a good conversation, the right place.


2 months ago

On Friday afternoon I had the immense pleasure, in every sense, of meeting with her, it was a dream come true, a person's love, a goddess at the time of love, I was eager to repeat it, it was my first experience in the sector and the bar remained too high.

A and L

1 week ago

My partner and I had a very nice experience with Dani, she is very sweet, the three of us shared a beautiful moment, in a warm atmosphere, her body has many curves and beautiful tits that we got tired of sucking. Dani is the best in threesomes! Don't hesitate 🙂 we highly recommend it!

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