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Lingerie for escorts and their body type

If you want to use one lingerie for escorts that it fits you well and you feel comfortable to work, here we are going to give you all the advice you need to know about your body type, how this can influence what you decide to buy to surprise your Premium clients! Do not stop looking beautiful and sophisticated!

Importance of wearing good lingerie for escorts

The job of escorts basically consists of being as sexy as possible, this does not mean vulgar, until the service is offered as such. Remember that customers are looking to get out of the routine, something different to see, that's why the lingerie for escorts, more than an expense, it is an investment on our part.

It is important to renew our wardrobe in this type of garment, since it is one of the most effective tools that we can use to engage the client. In addition, it also helps us with our self-esteem, it is scientifically proven that a woman needs to look sexy and feel satisfied with herself.

Therefore, it is very important that you determine what your ideal body type is and what type of underwear you should wear to be a sexy bombshell. Of course, everything also depends on the types of clients you have, that is also something that you should study with great determination when choosing lingerie for escorts.

Types of bodies to wear lingerie for escorts

There are different types of bodies to show off lingerie for escorts, as women we must be aware of what is ours, this will help us make a more accurate choice and one that suits us better. For that reason, in this space it will be described how you can see yourself better and without imperfections with respect to new underwear.

Photo 1 Lingerie for escorts and their body type


This is one of the most famous body types as women go out of their way to have curves all over the place and this one is characterized by the same. They have a small waist and the same proportion of measurements in hips and shoulders.

 So, the lingerie for escorts that this type of women should buy are the following:

  • Corcet garments: that always comes combined with a sexy corcet, in conjunction with its string or thong.
  • Sexy Pajama Dress – This would be worn more for a trusted client, inviting you on a trip or something. It consists of a short gown, which is often transparent and can go with or without a thong below, it's up to your imagination.
  • High Panty: High panty looks sensational on wide hips, so you can take it as an option, it works just as well with the wide bottom bra and sexy short panty or both.

Pear body and lingerie for escorts

Also known as a triangle, this body type to choose lingerie for escorts, is characterized by having a good butt and especially wide hips. Therefore, underwear has to be something that makes your butt stand out. Some may be:

  • Creative pantyhose: these can be thong-type and have ribbons holding it in different parts, which draw attention to the rear. The ties are also good.
  • Balconette bras: this is another aspect that we must also take into account, since our rear can stand out on its own, it is important to look for a highlighting bra. The balcony is an option that you can choose because it is elegant and can sometimes provide transparency to your breasts so that they look more striking.
  • High pantyhose: since our hips are wide, we have to think about how to make our waist look a little smaller, so it is a garment of lingerie for escorts, which does not fail. You can choose this when you don't have the creativity to do it, because they will always look good on you.

inverted triangle

The shoulders and breasts are the most pronounced in this body type, while the rest becomes thinner. Sometimes the waist can be pronounced. Some examples that you can take into account when choosing lingerie for escorts are:

  • Culottes: Since your butt is less pronounced, this will make you keep your butt up, making it more appealing to your client.
  • Halter neckline: they are special, since it will not look boring and will enhance the most pronounced part you have, which are your breasts.
  • Tight Corcet: If you have a pronounced waist, this will make it look smaller and your breasts will be more noticeable. Also, try to make it strapless and it can pick you up well if it doesn't have silicone.

Apple body and lingerie for escorts

The waists and hips are wide, especially if you are a little overweight. As for the limbs, they are thin. Your breasts are usually big and voluminous, so you can take advantage of it and your butt may or may not be big. So your underwear would be:

  • Minimizers: this type of bra has large cups and on the back, it tends to pick up your body mass a bit, so it will look sexier, like triple DDD divas.
  • Full Cup – Another type of bra you can get as they pick up very well. They can even have bralette-type mixes with a cup and they must look beautiful on you.
  • Robe bra: for this type of body, a short robe with lace or with an opening in the middle is very attractive. This will enhance your breasts, as it should


One of the bodies considered the most common of all, since everything is proportioned, it could even be said that there are not as many curves as in others. Some underwear tips that can help you are the following:

  • Push up bras: it is a type of bra that can go very well with your body type, since there is not much breast, this can help you appear more.
  • Decorations: since you have a proportionate body, fine colors and lingerie look beautiful on you, such as embroidery, lace and other types of decorations that are usually seen in underwear.
  • Bralette: this is a type of bra that can be of a romantic style, but it looks excellent on people with a thin build, in this case you can use it as lingerie for escorts

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