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7 tips to detect counterfeit bills as escorts and something else

Detect counterfeit bills as escorts It is a task that every person who works in this field should know, since many times we could be victims of scams without realizing it at the moment. This is a world where not all people are good, much less have good intentions, so here are the best tips to avoid going through these situations.

7 tips to detect counterfeit bills as escorts

The detection of counterfeit bills is not impossible, although it can be a bit cumbersome, especially for people who are not dedicated to the field of money as such. Something that cannot be facilitated as escorts, are these 7 tips that we are going to leave you below:

1. Watermarks

These are the easiest characteristics to identify a counterfeit bill, because when you hold it up to the light you have to see images, better known as watermarks that reflect in the light. Absolutely, all banknotes from different countries have this type of identification.

2. Messages in other languages

When are you going to detect counterfeit bills as escorts it is important that you pay attention to the fine print and compare it with a bill you already have in your bag. In general, counterfeit bills have messages in other types of languages, which makes it suspicious, so it is important that you read very well.

Another way to identify the letters on a bill is to look for misspellings. Remember that it is a material that is made by professionals for a state, so the most logical thing is that it does not have grammatical or spelling errors.

3. Touch to detect counterfeit bills as escorts

A banknote that is not counterfeit is generally rough, no banknote is smooth or completely smooth, unless of course it is counterfeit, it is important not only to look at it, but to feel it with your fingertips, which is where it is most sensitive.

4. Optical variability

The ink that they put on the bills has different types of colors and even with different shapes repeatedly. You should take some time to learn the one of a real ticket that you already have saved, this will make things much easier for you.

5. Reply Phrases

At the time of detect a counterfeit bill as escorts, it is important to see that there are no phrases like “Replica” or “for motion picture use only”. Of course, most likely you will not find this phrase, since most of the people who handle counterfeit bills are not going to be so naive as to put a phrase as you are.

6. Security threads

It is a line of segments in silver color, which goes on all banknotes and can be seen from both sides. This line has numeric codes. It is important to see it very well on counterfeit bills.

7. Types of clients

There are many types of customers who can be potential targets for you to be scammed, especially those who work with shady businesses, because they are the ones who actually handle these types of counterfeit bills. That is why you must be very careful, they generally prefer to make payments in cash so that they do not have bank records.

The best thing is that when you are with people like this, double scan or ask to be taken directly from the ATM when you see, although the second option is a bit weak, since it is not giving facilities to your customers.

Products to detect counterfeit bills as escorts

For detect counterfeit bills as escorts. In addition to knowing some techniques, you can find portable products to make testing easier. It is an important investment that you can make, since you avoid going through bad times. Among these are the following:

Counterfeit bill detector pen as escorts

This is an easy method to use and you can take it everywhere. It is a pen that works thanks to iodine inks, it works because the banknotes that are real and legal are made of paper money, which does not contain any type of starch, that means that the ink will be of different colors .

When a bill is authentic and legal, that is, made with paper money, when you mark it it must be a yellowish or pale ink. On the contrary, when it is a counterfeit bill, the ink is bluish and generally turns dark. These anti-fraud pens are priced from 5$ to 8$ per box, which come with at least 5.

UV counterfeit detector

UV light is very useful when detect counterfeit bills as escorts. There are different sizes, even the size of your hand so that you can carry it in your bag in a portable way. It is a small flashlight that emits black light, better known as ultraviolet light.

 It works because there are impressions on the banknotes that are real, which glow as soon as this type of light hits the design. Usually portable light bulbs are from 5$ to 6$.

Electronic bill detector

It is usually one of the most expensive, with the largest size, but without a doubt more effective than anything else. Also, this is a detector that is also found in small sizes. The good thing is that it can even read bills that are too old or old, which will be very useful for you.

If there are large amounts of bills, which is generally what we handle as escorts, this is the best option, as it is capable of analyzing up to 1,000 bills in less than a minute. Its price can vary between 50$ and 80$. There are different brands and qualities.

It is good to master the techniques of recognizing a counterfeit bill, but many times there is no time to detect a counterfeit bill as escorts, for this reason it is better to make an investment, which is not much compared to our earnings. Avoid going through bad times and ensure your cash earnings, which are mostly this way.

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