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Picture of dawn

Who I am?

Hello! I'm Aurora, an Argentine model. In me you will find an exclusive VIP service.

You should know, I enjoy my work to the fullest and I make love to you passionately with many wet kisses

I am a smiling, fine, seductive and very fiery girl with a natural body. From the first moment you will feel totally comfortable with me, you will find a woman with beautiful lingerie and in a very comfortable, discreet safe space located in Puerto Madero...

If you want I can also go to your home or meet at a hotel...

I wait for you so that we have an unforgettable meeting and you want to come back for me, write to me 🤍



He is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (21)


10 months ago

Hi, high in the sky, how are you?


9 months ago

I can say that it is worth every dollar! Excellent and better service is the wave that puts you and has! I will be back!!!!


9 months ago

Fine, sensual and sweet at the same time...she's a beast in bed, and she gives kisses with her tongue that turn you on from the start... 10 out of 10


8 months ago

Pretty, intelligent, educated, all the vibes, she gives some delicious kisses and during sex she becomes a beast...a queen!...if I could, I would see her every week because soon I'll be back!!!!


8 months ago

I had the great pleasure of meeting her yesterday and what can I say? She's very pretty, intelligent, educated, super cool and very sexy…you can talk about everything, she kisses seriously (no pecks) super rich and during sex she transforms into a beast…a queen with all the letters…yes I could see her every week so soon I will see her again as soon as I can !!!!


8 months ago

Aurora is your girlfriend for an hour, she gives you all her confidence and makes love to you, affectionate and fiery, I repeated it three times and I'm going for more


7 months ago

I didn't find Aurora's vibe from minute one on another girl… you feel completely confident with this beautiful woman, I had a wonderful time, you are spectacular Aurora thank you thank you and thank you!!!


6 months ago

Aurora... what to say, she rides you all, she gives it EVERYTHING!!!, she put all her claws into it at all times and it's true about her good vibes, she is a very cheerful and horny girl at the same time, she immediately touches everything that It fascinates me, I relapse yes or yes. One thousand


5 months ago

I fell in love with each of her curves, sexual on the surface and she gets very wet, an unforgettable moment I spent with her


5 months ago

Not only does she have a tremendous face in bed, but she is also sweet and fine at the same time, she has excellent treatment, 100% charisma and a natural body that leaves you crazy, all of her is so natural and spontaneous, a GODDESS.


5 months ago

Nice apartment with lots of light, which maybe not everyone likes that, I don't care, she's very fine and talkative, the same face as in the photos but younger in person, that was my impression, she puts a lot of wave to the matter .. I would repeat with the miss


5 months ago

Love. Can't wait to see you again beauty, I want to take you to Mendoza forever!!!!


4 months ago

The kisses that this woman gives represent how she gives you oral sex, my friend didn't last long when I went down to suck me, he deep throated a long time ago, which turned me on, he has a lot of experience in what is oral and the sex is very good, it shows that He likes what makes a very favorable point is that you get fully wet


4 months ago

Finally an escort that gives REAL TONGUE kisses!!! You drove me crazy skinny pretty

holy delta

4 months ago

The. Best invested three hours of my 2023, which mine is a 10 as a person, in sex and especially in the company that offers you, at 49 years old I no longer see only the beautiful body, but the attitude, he loves what ago, she is affectionate, listens, understanding, she hit me

The N1

4 months ago

My porcelain doll, I won't change you for any, goddess


3 months ago

A great woman, a sweet !!!!!!!


3 months ago

The eyes of this woman make you fall in love, she exudes seduction and sweetness at the same time. The sympathy that she has, how entering she is, I repeat the times that she gives me the pocket, but it is very easy to fall in love with this girl, not only does she give everything in bed but she is also an understanding girl who wants to know about your life. take out charl, he is a meticulous man, he is always asking you if you are comfortable and if you want or need something, in and out of bed, you are divine aurora, you deserve this post


3 months ago

Three consecutive days with this woman who is a pie, who radiates security and happiness. I have to go back to Panama, in a few months you come with me, I fell in love?


2 months ago

She opened the door and I found her with that pink and black outfit, imagine that I already warmed up from the start. The mine is very friendly and also horny from the start, she touched me and greeted me with a tongue kiss that I can't explain what it was, the apartment is pleasant and is very discreet, in sex she is loving and wild at the same time, she does everything well so much that it ends up in the pete. Obviously I was not going to leave without trying it, so there was a second round, we did all the possible poses. I was surprised because every five minutes he asked me to change my pose, that made the match something different, I loved it. And so the second one went.
I'll be back yes or yes, body 9 face 10 (she doesn't have surgery, nothing is natural, I see her as cool Juanita Viale) she's fine. attitude a million


two weeks ago

Without knowing her beforehand, after reading the comments here and on the forum, feel free to share two hours with this beautiful lady. I chose to go to his apartment, before arriving I asked him if he could perform a show to warm up the engines, a back height, stop, walk, movements, a whole MODEL!!! He put on music in the apartment, which was well set for the occasion and I danced a little while very client was playing. I deal with the situation, I completely let myself go, what can I say… I EXPLODED BOTH HEADS. Everything written here is REAL, hot, fine and loving, she is some faces that took me to another galaxy, the trip I made to the city of Buenos Aires is a guaranteed visit to this beautiful lady. Meanwhile to wait, thank you huge beauty!

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