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Who I am?

Hello! I'm Alejandra, independent escort from Palermo. A fine, elegant and discreet woman. I want to meet gentlemen to share pleasant and unforgettable moments.

Hour 100 usd, in pesos at the Blue dollar value.

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Experiences (16)


1 year ago

If you come through Montevideo please contact me, I would like to use your services


1 year ago

Hello, I would like to contact you, for a meeting
Thank you

Gustavo Valentini

1 year ago

I have what any average woman wants (stability). A good piece of cock and silver. If I want, I'll make it my wife. Until now I know the whole swallow of a visitor. (Until I get pregnant).


1 year ago

It's PACKED., The stuffing of... on the trip we made. I highly recommend.


1 year ago

What a moron you are Gustavo Valentini!!! You will have money but you are missing something very important…. manhood and you can't buy it anywhere... I kept participating, loser!


1 year ago

very good vibes


1 year ago

Is she pretty?


1 year ago

Gustavo Valentini, you are missing the main and most valuable thing. BRAIN PLEASE

Alvaro Ezekiel

1 year ago

Hello how are you? I would like to meet?


1 year ago

Alvaro Ezequiel.. everything is beautiful around here..
When you want to meet me write to WhatsApp 😉


1 year ago

Appetizing Briana. I'm a veteran who can't resist giving in to sexual apathy. Veteran because I am in the range of seventy-six years. I have already experimented with all the existing methods to achieve normal erections and none of them is efficient for me. The admiration for female bodies keeps me in a state of passionate excitement, it warms me up to a degree of desire to sexually devour the women that I am attracted to, the problem is that my erections are soft but I have a very efficient and very exploratory tongue that even in certain opportunities they can improve the soft ones. Your photographs incite and excite me. Regarding the background that I am telling you, I encourage you to ask for the possibility of an interview-experience and that the result of the game gratifies you and me, well, whatever.


1 year ago

Friends, I have traveled the world as I am a musician and cultural explorer, I have lived in the USA for 40 years and I have been with women of all types and cultures. Alejandra is incredibly sensual, beautiful, a perfectly cared for body and tuned like a symphony. She is delicate, subtle, very kind and funny. From the first day I felt that I had found someone with whom to explore my sexuality since Alejandra knows very well how to make you happy. Her body warms me immediately and I want to possess her. His level is top. Your company is worth much more. Do not hesitate, if you are in Buenos Aires Alejandra is number ONE. You won't regret it. Ufff just remembering I want to visit it now! Enjoy it.


1 year ago

She is a super fun, nice girl, wanting you to be comfortable at all times. You can talk about anything with her. It is incredibly beautiful, in every way, the photos do not lie at all. The apartment is barbaric, in a great area. Do not hesitate to spend with her, you will want to return again and again!

Fabrizio O

9 months ago

Alejandra, she is a beautiful woman as shown in her photos, delicate, attentive and neat, she makes you feel as if she has known you forever! It was a very good experience and although I was not on my best day, I enjoyed it a lot, I will repeat it, it is worth what you ask for !! 


8 months ago

My wife and I are looking for a guest to have some fun in Palermo, the apartment we rent.
We are visiting from San Francisco
kisses michael


1 day ago

The truth is that since I saw her profile I was amazed by such beauty and I can't wait to meet her 😘😘

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