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Who I am?

Hello! I am Victoria, I am Argentine and I am 19 years old, my body is 100% natural, I like dinners, going out, but also intimacy and connecting from that place, I have my own apartment, I can serve you in the Belgrano or Palermo neighborhood, wherever you like I also go to hotels and take trips. What are you waiting for to see me?


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Experiences (12)


3 months ago

A very pretty girl


3 months ago

The most beautiful tail


3 months ago

Beautiful. divine tail, he can hold it all night straight


2 months ago

I loved it, she is a real girl, no plastics and super cool. At first it was difficult for us to gain confidence but at the time of the act he did it perfectly. I clarify that it is very punctual so arrive on time so you don't get angry ❤️


2 months ago

A genius, super fresh and fun. The sequence has a lot of flow. He treated me like a King. A delight, like a cherry with silk skin. Little angel of the night.


2 months ago

Beautiful Vic, good vibes, funny, it's like being with a friend with benefits

Sebastian Sermanoukian

2 months ago

Very nice Vic, she arrived on time, with a smile. She looks like a cool classmate from school. At first she was scared because my member is big, 22cm, but then she started laughing and loved kissing it.

Pedro Conde

1 month ago

I went after having my nose done and she realized it, she complimented me and made me feel very good. I have a problem that I ejaculate very quickly. She took it well and we stayed chatting about Dragon Ball and other things. I was dating for a while. .

I loved!!!

Pedro Conde

1 month ago

Very pretty, Victoria. Kind and gentle. I went on the recommendation of a friend. He had never been with a girl, and this time was no exception. I'm gay, so we didn't have sex but we talked about my problems and she listened to me for almost 45 minutes.


1 month ago

Beautiful Victoria, she is like a bride. The way it ends and your feet wrinkle with pleasure when you eat it all, it is an image to take with you to the afterlife. A soft skin and an exquisite aroma and flavor.


3 weeks ago

very good


3 weeks ago

A very good nenish to make chacha in the tail for being evil

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