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Who I am?

Hello! I'm Mia VIP. An escort girl from Palermo.
I am a fine, delicate and passionate woman.

I love making you fulfill all your fantasies and that we have an unforgettable moment.

I am looking for respectful gentlemen, who like the sensual and erotic, and who value refined women. In me you will find an attentive, friendly, easy-going, secure and cultured lady.

I wait for you in my private apartment so that we can enjoy a complete service with all the privacy.

Within my services you will find threesomes (with men), complete sex, change of roles and many more fantasies. Just tell me what yours is and we'll make it come true.

I await your message to coordinate an appointment... And I'm sure you'll want to come back very soon!

I only receive WhatsApp messages. I don't answer calls.
My photos are 100 real and current %.


my vip

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Experiences (22)


10 months ago

Incredible. I am not one to leave Reviews but it caught my attention. An angelic, fine, elegant face, super interesting talk and the best sex I had in many, many years. Obviously I will repeat until he gets tired of me haha


10 months ago

What a woman!!!! Nice, affectionate, Fine, especially fine and a sex bomb. The best oral sex of my life!!! I'm not lying, try that!!!! Or nooo, better leave it to me all the time. I wish I had to repeat once a week. It is much better than the psychologist and much more pleasant.


10 months ago

Terrible. It's been a long time since they took me two in an hour!!!! She is beautiful, delicate, sensual and sexual at the same time!!! They are those women that you see on the street and say, what a beautiful woman and you would never imagine being able to touch her. Divina Mia, every trip to the Capital will be a must stop.


10 months ago

exquisite!!!! the rest is plenty!!!


10 months ago

What a woman!! Impeccable. different. Fine, elegant, funny, affectionate and super nice for a chat. Sex? Ufff super complete! Another woman, not to believe.


10 months ago

It can not be believed!!!! The perfect combination of an elegant and fine woman with the lowest instincts. It's a devil down there!!!! Super super complete, just the way I like them. He doesn't say no to anything.


10 months ago

What a beautiful woman!! What delivery! It makes you feel like Brad Pitt!!! I walked out and went back to being Danni deVito and she walked in and out looking like a queen!!! Elegant even naked!!


9 months ago

It is the exact definition of a VIP escort. Everything they say is true. Several times I have bad experiences with girls that were not the ones in the photo and they send you off like hotcakes. This woman is impressive.


9 months ago

We went in to have a drink at the Hilton bar and even the waiters looked at us. What an elegant woman!!!!! Women looked more than men, that is the key to a beautiful, elegant and fine woman. Every time I set foot in Buenos Aires, you will be an obligatory stop. Thank you very much for the wave, a genius.


9 months ago

What a beautiful, fine woman and hell in bed!!! Other level!!


9 months ago

The perfection. What a beautiful woman! What an attitude you have. It can not be believed!!!!!


9 months ago

Woman with all the letters. Impossible to stop loving her 🦂


8 months ago

it is impeccable


8 months ago

I would like to be original but they already described it perfect. Incredible! Today I went with her, I paid with additional and I went all for the queue. INDESCRIBABLE!!!!!! There are very few like that. One thing I did not read is that it is very natural. Yes, the lolas are made, but nothing more, nothing exaggerated and it is beautiful. I hope she never retouches her face like many that are all the same and not at all natural. Wait for me because I'll be back 20 more times!


7 months ago

Fine, elegant woman, impeccable place, first-class attention as befits a VIP escort. I was pleasantly surprised. Super highly recommended.


7 months ago

There is my life!!! What nice photos you uploaded. I already made up my mind and I want to coordinate with you. I read comments here and in the forum and I was crazy. One of the most beautiful and natural on the page. Kisses Diego!!


7 months ago

What a bitch!!!! He lowered me to open it and I couldn't believe it!!!! Did you see when you hit it and you have that feeling that they didn't screw it up but that it came out round?? I was between her and another 300 and I sent a pool. What joy! Everything they say and more. I'm going back until he kicks me out.


6 months ago

I visited Mia about three weeks ago…. It took me all this time to wipe the smile off my face and be able to write something a little more objectively. He goes down to open the door and my God, a beautiful, elegant woman with an incredible body. Once in the elevator, the first thing you want to do is kiss her, and she kisses you in a phenomenal way, like a very passionate girlfriend/lover, she doesn't skimp on anything, and there, you know you're going to have a great time. The apartment is terrific , with everything and more than you need. Now when Mia starts, you can't believe it, the body she has and the wave!!! This woman is a fire. She catches you looking into your eyes, that's something that had never happened to me with an escort, you fall in love and put in extra hours at work to be able to come back again and again. Thanks my a!!!


5 months ago

HG without a doubt Mia is a superlative experience!!! She is one of those people who have a special Aura, from the moment you start writing to her until you have her in front of you, because there all her beauty, which is incredible, is overshadowed by her charisma, sensuality, sympathy and intelligence, without a doubt the best by far. !!! Thank you sweetie wonderful moment!!!!


4 months ago

God what an amazing woman!!!! Nothing more to add! Top of the top!!!


3 months ago

Yesterday I was able to meet Mia and confirm that everything that is said about her is little compared to what you find when you arrive at her apartment. She is a WOMAN, with a capital letter, incredible. It opens you up and you can't even talk anymore. Super elegant and at the same time warms you in a way that years ago did not happen to me. Always with a smile and ready for anything.
I can't wait to go back to Buenos Aires to visit her again.

Do not stop knowing her, you will not regret it. Everything you are looking for 100% insured


1 month ago

incredible woman!!! I gave myself a Christmas present!!! The best December 25 of my life!!! Good night was on the 25th in the afternoon hahahaha.

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