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Category escort, I love adapting to the needs of the gentleman I accompany,
Very good treatment and an unforgettable service, I want to dazzle you and let yourself be carried away in privacy, my attention is excellent, full of passion, morbidity and above all good vibes.

You will love my sexy face 🤤
I am located in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood where you can enjoy me in all ways
From the moment you write to me you will want to meet me, I hope you communicate!

YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT, contact me honey 😍


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Experiences (24)


7 months ago

An incredible experience! A woman with an Exceptional level. An incredible body, a goddess!


7 months ago

Excellent experience. Very cool and sensual at the same time. You have a great time.


7 months ago

Excellent experience. Very cool and sensual. It warms you up from the first moment.


6 months ago

We went with some friends and we had an excellent, good experience, it's really cool and makes you feel very comfortable, excellent oral 10 out of 10


6 months ago

A doll in person, a very good vibe and predisposition, I recommend her 100%. I will be back


6 months ago

Last night I was with her, she is a hottie, she sucks like the best 10/10, she provides excellent service and has a beautiful tail, I will return!


5 months ago

Today I had the opportunity to meet Conty. Really excellent! It's a 10 out of 10 in every way. Very tender and at the same time very passionate. The truth is spectacular!


5 months ago

Tucu is a genius, super nice, friendly and at the time of the steaks, excellent in oral, it is a spectacle to see her in four, she is beautiful, I recommend her a thousand times, I will return!


5 months ago

A beautiful woman sucks him like the best ones, she made me cum and then she put me on 4 and asked me to make love to her, she is really passionate, highly recommended, 100 points


5 months ago

Tucu is a beautiful woman, she has very soft skin, she is magical when it comes to oral sex and when it comes to sex, she loves having her ear kissed and when she is at 4 she loves it... excellent service, I will return!


5 months ago

Tucu is beautiful, she provides an excellent boyfriend service, she gives terrible kisses, and the time of oral and sex is a spectacle, I will return!


5 months ago

Beautiful night. A divine time beforehand and then a fire. How he catches you sitting on top of you and puts his tongue in your ear. Own department. Alone. That's good. A fire, the tucu. Bring him cherry ice cream.


4 months ago

She is an incredible woman, she has super soft skin and she gives excellent oral, she likes having her neck kissed and putting your fingers in her mouth in 4, she makes wonderful movements, highly recommended, I will be back!!


4 months ago

The best scort without a doubt, this is the second time I've seen her and I love it, I'm getting addicted to her. Her apartment is super comfortable and discreet. She has an incredible body. She is tanned. She has soft skin. At game time she is magnificent. She loves to get on. on top and he jumps excellently, give him kisses on the neck that warms him up. I'll be back soon tucu.

isak ph

4 months ago

A tremendous skinny girl, 5 stars!☆☆☆☆☆
He made me come twice with his mouth, some impressive kisses, she looked like my girlfriend
She's at 4 and I'm standing, you don't know, she's tremendous at the top. Surely the tucu will be a bomb again!


3 months ago

She is a cool skinny girl, she has a very nice body and she is very friendly 10/10


2 months ago

friendly and nice…. It made me feel very good... quiet apartment... beautiful gp sucks her... in four she is incredible... great... pretty wherever you look at her and very sweet...... rest assured that she is worth it


2 months ago

A few days ago I met her and I was impressed, she is a beautiful woman and her smile is very captivating, in bed she is a fire. Without a doubt I will return.


2 months ago

I have to go back to my country for a few days but without a doubt it was the best experience, she is a beautiful woman and gives the best blowjobs. Without
doubts upon my return I will try to have another meeting with her.


2 months ago

Yesterday I made an appointment because I was very curious to meet her and I was impressed with the kindness of this girl apart from being beautiful and 100 in bed. I will return every week without a doubt


1 month ago

Today I had the opportunity to meet her and the truth is that woman is beautiful and super
Attention. Its skin is very soft and its tail is a real loss.


1 month ago

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Conty. A very beautiful and friendly woman, as pretty as the photos she has published. It was a very pleasant and pleasant meeting. The apartment is very nice and clean too. It was a very nice experience. I will be back


4 weeks ago

His smile says it all, I will be back.


two weeks ago

I contacted her to meet her and she really is very beautiful and loving. In bed a 10 highly recommended. I will return every week

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