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Who I am?

Hi, I'm Chloe.. a brunette escort in Palermo very hot🔥🔥🔥
Beautiful and sexy...😍
I am independent and my apartment has all the conditions for you to come and have an awesome moment 🔥🔥🔥
I am such as in the photos.

I also do meetings in hotels and homes.

The tariff that I am handling is 100 Blue dollars.



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Experiences (8)


5 months ago

Hi, I'm Nico and I wanted to leave the data of the week! I was with Chloe. She is very pretty and pleasant, nice, very cool, very hot, I stayed with her for 2 hours. The best 2 hours of my life. She is super attentive, you can talk about everything! It's cool! I recommend it, it's much prettier in person!


5 months ago

Chloe is beautiful, very good vibes, friendly, good treatment, pretty face, apart from that, an incredible tail, it's the second time I've been with her, she's prettier in person. I recommend her to 100%


4 months ago

Hello guys, I just came from being with Chloe. A chocolate, sweet and passionate. Delicious little body, tasty and natural breasts and a beautiful manzanita tail. Friendly and attentive. Very good vibes. I hope to come back soon. Kisses beautiful.


4 months ago

I came from abroad and I visited this wonderful very complete escort, she doesn't look at the clock and she gives you an amazing shake

Jose Luis

3 months ago

Chloe is the best. When she presents herself changed to serve you, you find yourself with a body of exquisite beauty and that's just the beginning. Afterwards, she is excellent in everything that gives you pleasure and is also very nice and fun. I enjoyed the first hour so much that I wanted to stay another hour. Very good about Chloe. It has something different that brings together sex and joy.


3 months ago

Hi, I'll tell you how it went with this girl. I came to Argentina for a walk and the first thing I do is to meet Chloe, she's a very pretty brunette. Good vibes. I stayed with her for two hours. I had a great time. I'll be back soon. What did I know? I went crazy, she is a beauty of a woman


2 months ago

I met Chloe while in town and had an awesome time. She was very accommodating to my super late schedule. Super nice and enthusiastic for the entire visit, the enthusiasm sets her apart. Excellent in all the ways that count. I will definitely return.


1 day ago

Beautiful girl, she is a sweetie, very cool, fun, that makes you want to stay with her longer, it is the third time I see her and my first comment and I do not change it every time I return to Buenos Aires, I come directly because of her, Chloe, she is unforgettable, I recommend her

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